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35 Ways It's Always Sunny Perfectly Describes Frat Boys

Don't even ask

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1. Being blackout is necessary

2. And you know you gotta plan a dope party

3. Maybe an offensive attire party

4. Or a classic America theme

5. Gotta make sure you can hang so you pump yourself up before starting to drink

6. You decide day drinking during class is a good idea

7. Not really sure what's going on but whatever

8. Some babes show up and help get the pre-game started

9. Things get a little crazy

10. Someone offers you some weird shit

11. Why the hell not? You're not too wasted yet

12. You find yourself dancing to that stupid pop song

13. Definitely more wasted than you thought

14. You see a 10 across the room

15. But accidentally say something really stupid

16. Luckily she didn't hear you

17. You try to give yourself a little pep talk before trying again

18. You try to impress her with your bod

19. You two get something to drink

20. You continue to try and impress this girl


22. Then somebody embarrasses you and she walks off

23. Screw it, she was in the way of your drinking anyway

24. You're not even really in control of your body anymore

25. You decide to illustrate your thoughts

26. And take a badass pic you know you'll regret later

27. You see a party foul happen across the room

28. Someone spots your ex

29. She calls you but you don't want to deal with her right now

30. You remind yourself that you don't have to see her

31. At this point you're feeling pretty damn good

32. Your ego is ridiculous

33. You pretend like you know what you're doing

34. Your friends are impressed

35. You kill it on the dance floor

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