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    34 Reasons Cersei Is The Most Badass "Game Of Thrones" Character

    "I am Queen Regent, not some broodmare."

    1. She's a powerful woman in a world dominated by men.

    2. She's fiercely loyal and protective of her family.

    3. She always arrives in style.

    4. She isn't afraid to put people in their place.

    5. Her reactions are freakishly relatable.

    6. Her threats are *literally* to die for.

    7. She dislikes Joffrey and treats him rightfully so.

    8. She knows she's extremely clever, no matter what anyone says.

    9. She's deliciously evil.

    10. She always enjoys a good drink.

    11. She's always one step ahead of everyone.

    12. She's the perfect amount of blunt.

    13. She knows her worth

    14. She stays composed, even in the most trying moments.

    15. She always keeps her eye on the competition.

    16. She has regrets, like every other human being. Except she's still better.

    17. She doesn't let anyone degrade her.

    18. She's been through a lot, and has persevered.

    19. She passes her wisdom along to the younger generation.

    20. She will find someone's weakness and destroy them with it.

    21. She's passionate about politics.

    22. She deals with fake bitches in a mature way.

    23. She's adorable when she's happy.

    24. Despite what you think, she's a good mother.

    25. She's bold and opinionated.

    26. Sometimes she has a hard time hiding her disdain for humanity.

    27. She is fearless.

    28. She's good at reading people.

    29. Her squad is full of BAMFs.

    30. She doesn't sugar coat anything.

    31. She always kills the fashion game.

    32. She's a human being with emotions.

    33. Her hair is so enviable.

    34. She is the best at roasting people with just a look.

    And though things looked bad at the end...

    Cersei Lannister will rise again.