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5 Podcasts That Will Make You LOL In Public

Podcasts are HOT HOT HOT right now! These 5 podcasts are well produced and funny as hell.

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1. The Baby Sitters Club Club


The Baby-Sitters Club Club is a weekly podcast hosted by two senior Buzzfeed editors, Jack Shephard and Tanner Greenring. Each week Jack and Tanner read one of the classic young adult novels from the 80's book series the Baby-Sitters Club and discuss the novel.

An entirely banter based podcast, Jack and Tanner delve into deep contemplative literary analysis despite the consistently light themes of the novels. Jack's deadpan approach and Tanner's sophomoric efforts to 'derail' Jack's seemingly earnest desire to dissect this children's novel create a consistent, and hilarious back and forth between the two old friends.

The best part of the show are the recurring segments including, but not limited to, "Burn of the Week", "Tearful Moment", and "Tanner Googles". Each has a creative themed audio element, many of which are suggested by fan's of the show, referred to by Jack and Tanner as Baby-Bees, or members of the Baby-Nation.

Baby-Sitters Club Club is perfect for any fun loving podcast listener who really just wants a good laugh.

2. 2 Dope Queens

Based out of WNYC, 2 Dope Queens is a podcast about everything under the sun, including sex, relationships, comedy, pop culture, and race. Another banter based show, hosts Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams (formerly a Daily Show correspondent) appear to display a collaborative and admirable example of female friendship while simultaneously cracking up and educating their audience.

With high name recognition and a starstruck guest list (previous guests include Hasan Minhaj, Marc Maron, Queen Latifah, and Fred Armisen) 2 Dope Queens could arguably be the most popular comedy podcast on the air today, and for good reason.

3. Guys We F@#ked

Hosted by Corrine Fisher and Krystyna Hutchinson, Guys We F@#ked is blunt weekly podcast about women and sex. Self-dubbed the "anti-slut shaming podcast", Fisher and Hutchinson, who have been performing together as a comedy duo since 2011, go deep into detail about their own personal sexual experiences.

The original premise for the show, according to a Huffington Post interview with the creators, was to interview men that Hutchinson and Fisher they say: "f@#ked". As the show became more popular they have expanded their repertoire, now including listener mail and women comedian guests (whom they have not necessarily slept with).

It is the refreshing ability of these women to talk about their own sex lives as modern women that makes this podcast so unique. With 600,000 listeners on Soundcloud alone the rapid growth of this podcast can be attributed Fisher and Hutchinson's hilarious sense of humor and natural chemistry together. If you love to laugh, enjoy talking about sex, or just want to be entertained, Guys We F@#cked has a little something for everyone. However, proceed with caution, this podcast is NSFW.

4. Wait Wait Don't Tell Me

Though technically a radio show, Wait Wait Don't Tell Me! could be considered the original comedy podcast. Produced by two of the top names in radio, WBEZ Chicago and National Public Radio, WWDTM has been on the air since 1998. Host, actor and playwrite Peter Sagal , is joined each week by a rotating cast of comedians who compete in quizzes about the week's news.

The content of the show pokes fun at some of the ridiculousness of modern politics as its cast makes adept social commentary that gets the live audience to roar with laughter. This show is great for anyone who likes to keep up with what is going on in the world but also enjoys a certain degree of silliness and whimsy. Perfect to listen to live on lazy Saturday morning drives (when it airs on your local public radio station) or anytime on the go with your favorite podcast app.

5. Jenna+Julian Podcast

Finally: the Jenna+Julian Podcast. This podcast, which airs every Monday, is hosted by two of Youtube's funniest, Jenna Marbles and her boyfriend Julien Solomita. In the podcast, this Youtube power couple discuss trends, play games, and share personal stories. Self described as a medium where the couple takes on "awesome, random, and sometimes drunk conversations", this podcast cover's a breadth of subjects. Episodes topics range from "Reflecting on Our Car Accident - 1 Year Later" to "Julien Sucks at Celebrity Trivia: Music Edition 3".

Though the topic of this podcast may not always be funny, the natural chemistry between Jenna and Julien lightens any topic and leaves the listeners with a smile. This podcast evokes the feeling you are sitting and chatting with two of your funniest friends. If you enjoy Jenna or Julian's videos on Youtube, this is the podcast for you.

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