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After Being Lost For 7 Days, This Police Dog Was Totally Psyched To Be Back With His Owner

Welcome home, Thames!

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On May 3, a police dog named Thames went missing for seven days in the Tararua Ranges, a series of tall mountains on New Zealand's North Island.

Well deserved annual leave for Thames the police dog: #ThamesIsHome

Despite a week of searching to no avail, Thames' handler Mike Wakefield and experienced volunteer searcher John McCann did not give up. On May 10, they found the lost pooch!

It was a fresh paw print in the mud that gave the search party the tip-off, the New Zealand Herald reported.

"I whistled and called but he ran off as if to say come this way before running back and giving me a big lick," Westfield told the Herald. "He wolfed down half of my salami which is a treat for him. I gave him a cuddle and we had a big play. I was just lost for words."

Thames reportedly looked a bit thinner than he had before having to forage for food for a week, but the 4-year-old German shepherd had enough energy to give his handler an enthusiastic greeting and trudge the four hours out of the range.

McCann captured the joyous reunion on a video, which quickly went viral.

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People from around the world have been tweeting their happiness at Thames' safe return, giving New Zealand Mother's Day and a visiting Prince Harry a run for their money.

Sorry #PrinceHarry, we're a bit busy just now. Got a street parade to organise for a police dog. #ThamesIsHome

I'm loving seeing all of Twitter abuzz with Thames being found alive. Finally, something awesome for us all to celebrate ❤️ #ThamesIsHome

Someone even made an illustration!

"THAMES FOUND!" #FoxyCartoons #PoliceDogs #ThamesIsHome #Thames #DogHero #SafeAndWell

Thames went for a check up at the vet, and was given a week off of work before he returns to police the streets alongside Wakefield, the New Zealand Police said in a statement.

Welcome home, Thames!   🎉 🎉🐕 🎉 🎉

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