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Couple Discovers They Were In A Home Video Together 16 Years Before They Met

Warning: Only read if you want to believe in fate.

Jourdan Spencer and her husband Ryan were watching home videos with her parents when they noticed a familiar face flitting across the screen.

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The video was taken at an amusement park called Sesame Place in July 1988 when Jourdan was 10 years old and Ryan was 13.

"I got a chill at first," Ryan Spencer said. "I couldn't believe it was me, and then it became kind of a romantic thing."

Jourdan added to the Star-Ledger, "We did a complete double-take. We paused, we rewound, we paused, we rewound, over and over again."

But they couldn't prove the weird occurrence to anyone, because soon after they lost the tape. "We told everyone we knew — and then the tape went missing," Jourdan said. "We had no proof this whole time."

Jourdan Spencer / Via Facebook: jourdanspencer

The couple, who grew up 45 minutes apart but didn't officially meet until 2004, said they were convinced the tape was lost during Hurricane Sandy, but re-discovered the footage during a during a family birthday party a few weeks ago.

Before showing their three children the video, they took a family trip to Sesame Place to tell their children of the significance of the spot. Their oldest daughter reportedly kept asking, "'How did Daddy know you were there?'"

"I do believe that everything happens for a reason and that people come into our lives when they're meant to and leave when they're meant to," Jourdan said, "and obviously were were supposed to meet again. Our paths crossed more than once."

Now if that isn't fate, I don't know what is.

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