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Finding A Public Bathroom Just Got Much Easier For Trans People

Because everyone deserves a safe place to pee.

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Refuge Restrooms is an app that tells "transgender, intersex, and gender non-conforming individuals" which bathrooms are safe to use all over the world.

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You search for restrooms in a particular city, and a map will highlight the approved locations.

Other users and businesses can add safe public restrooms with directions, reviews and comments.

The Refuge Restrooms website says that it went live once a similar website "Safe2Pee" went defunct.

"We seek to create a community focused not only on finding existing safe restroom access," the Refuge website states, "but also looking forward and participating in restroom advocacy for transgender, intersex, and gender nonconforming folk."

You can also download gender-neutral restroom signs for your business.
Refuge Restrooms

You can also download gender-neutral restroom signs for your business.

"One of the biggest battlefields upon which the fight for transgender rights is taking place daily are restrooms," the website contends.

"Obviously, we believe that every transgender person should have the right to use the restroom they want to," the site states. "However, we also realize that ... many transgender individuals still face both verbal and physical harassment simply for using the restroom. Nobody should have to face that - and that is why we created REFUGE."

Today, Refuge Restrooms became downloadable on Apple and Google phones.

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