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A Man Found Two Puppies Cemented Into A Fish Tank

They're OK, though!

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Matt Williamson was out searching for his dog in the Mississippi woods on Thursday when he happened upon a large fish tank with two black and white puppies inside. The tank was cemented shut.

"As I got closer, I saw these eyes peering out at me and they looked like they needed help. That's when I called authorities," Matt Williamson told WAPT 16 News.

The tank was positioned precariously on the bank of a creek in the woods of Hinds County, Mississippi.

Williamson said he believed that whoever put the puppies in the tank intended to drown them.

The puppies were rescued by local authorities and brought to the Mississippi Animal Rescue League (MARL) for treatment and recovery.

MARL did not immediately return BuzzFeed News' request for comment, but MARL director Debra Boswell told the local news station that the puppies came in with low fevers, but that she expected they would recover.

She said the veterinarians thought the puppies were "a little feral" and not used to being around or petted by humans. However, she said the animals were in fairly good shape considering what they had been through.

Whether or not WIlliamson found his own dog remains unclear.

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