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Ben And Jerry Are Totally Down With Weed-Infused Ice Cream

Soon you might be able to "satisfy [your] bowl" and get "half baked" while listening to some "Cherry Garcia." (Yes those are all real Ben and Jerry's flavors).

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In case Ben and Jerry's recent Bob Marley-themed flavor "Satisfy Your Bowl" wasn't enough of an indicator...

And in case their special flavor "Magic Brownies" didn't tip you off...

@benandjerrys what happened to magic brownies flavor?

The ice cream kings recently announced how down with marijuana they really are.

In an interview with HuffPost Live, Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield — who do in fact have last names — were asked how they would feel about making a marijuana-infused ice cream flavor "wherever it's legal of course."

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"Makes sense to me! You know, combine your pleasures," Ben said instantly. Jerry took it a bit more seriously:

"Ben and I have had previous experiences with substances," he told Huff Post's Alyona Minkovski. "I think legalizing marijuana is a wonderful thing, rather than putting people in jail for not hurting anybody else. I'm very supportive of that."

So are they gonna do it?

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"If it were my decision, I'd be doing it," Jerry said, "but unfortunately we have wiser heads at the company that figure those things out."

Here's the full interview.

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