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    • emans

      Thank you so much for providing us such great photos! I totally love them and love the coloring technique :). I have some concerns regarding the captions of these lovely photos and I would like to provide some info that may help you ..
      sorry for this long comment! Photo 4: The gate was built in the Fatimid era in Egypt in 1092. The two towers which don’t show in this photo are later built in 1410. The Ottoman Empire started in Egypt in 1517.
      Here is a reference, but in Arabic: http://www.rahalat.net/cairo.php?v=0201016 Photo 6: The Qalauon Complex- which we see part of it in the right side- was built in 1285 in the Mamluk era in Egypt (13th Century). This Complex included a mosque, a hospital, a mausoleum, and Madrasa (school). The dome (mausoleum) and minaret in the left side belongs to another complex built by el-Salih Najmuddin, it was built in 1249 (13th Century). The nice little building with arcades in the second level is Khisro Pasha Madrasa and Sebil (public water supply), it was built in 1535.
      http://www.inazhar.com/ar/?p=662 http://www.rahalat.net/cairo.php?v=020109 Photo 7: It is not laundry hanging! These are simply shops and owners usually hang some cloths as sheds to protect their goods and themselves from direct sun. Photo 11: this is a shaded part of the main street of Cairo el-Moez Ledin Ellah. Photos 4, 6, 8 and 9 show the same street. This part called el-Khayamiya or Qasabet Radwan.

      Photos 13 and 14: I think that they are related to each other. Egyptians celebrate el-Mulid, which is still one of the most important festivals in Egypt. El-Mulid is a celebration of the birth of Profit Mohamed. They used to sell dolls made of sugar in this unique shape in el-Mulid. Photo 15: I wonder if this information is right. I have never seen any photos of Prostitutes in Egypt.

      Thanks again and I hope I could help you to provide more accurate captions.

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