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12 Healthy Activities You Can Do With Your Parents During The Holidays

Invest in your parents the way they invested in you! Give the gift of long-term health with Basis.

Basis was designed by world-class scientists, is based on 25+ years of aging research, was studied for efficacy, and has been published in a peer-reviewed journal. It's the one daily supplement your parents' (and your) cells need!

1. Hit the dog park.

2. Have a technology tutoring session.

3. Cook something new together.

4. See some live music together.

5. Do a holiday lights walking tour.

6. Try some yoga.

7. Play Scrabble.

8. Play charades.

9. Do a craft project.

10. Check out the night sky.

11. Visit a local museum together.

12. Create a family tree.

As your parents get older, there's more you can do to treasure your time with them for many years to come! Give Basis this holiday season, the perfect gift for someone you love. Find out even more here.