11 Reasons Matt Damon Will Save The World

He is The Chosen One. Witness Elysium, in theaters everywhere 8/9.

1. He can solve extremely complicated problems at the drop of a hat.

Good Will Hunting / Miramax / Via ruthafrita.tumblr.com

You see that? It’s the formula for box office success.

2. He’s secretly a highly-trained super assassin.

The Bourne Identity / Universal Pictures / Via lookoutitsliv.tumblr.com

But he never brags about it. Such a sweetheart.

3. He knows when it’s time to take charge (and isn’t afraid to).

Jimmy Kimmel Live / ABC / Via gifsfln.tumblr.com

4. He’s got a firm understanding of how life works.

The Adjustment Bureau / Universal Pictures / Via gifs-overdose.tumblr.com

5. He’s not afraid to point out the weak.

The Brothers Grimm / Miramax Films / Via forums.superherohype.com

6. Nor is he afraid to look death in the eye.

The Departed / Warner Bros. / Via freddiequell.tumblr.com

And talk his way out of it like a boss.

7. He already has a trusty side-kick to help him along the way.

Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back / Lions Gate Entertainment

8. He cares about all creatures and will go to any length to protect them.

We Bought A Zoo / 20th Century Fox / Via chud.com

It isn’t widely known, but Matt Damon was born with a heart problem: he cares too much.

9. Also, that smile.

The Adjustment Bureau / Universal Pictures / Via hirenj.wordpress.com


Good Will Hunting / Miramax / Via sunshhine.tumblr.com


11. He’s a pro at parkour.

The Bourne Ultimatum / Universal Pictures / Via matthewpaigedamon.tumblr.com

Oh, and he’s got a crazy awesome cybernetic exoskeleton. That, too.

Elysium, in theaters 8/9. The excitement doesn’t end on the silver screen; sign up for Sony Rewards, and get points and prizes for your love of movies.

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