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Which Wednesday Nudes Member Is you?

Lets see which bad bitch you relate to the most.

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  1. A guy buys you a drink at the bar, what do you do?

    Makes awkward conversation for the sake of free drink
    Spills the drink all over yourself
    Gets the drink and runs away faster than the speed of light
    Enjoys the drink and the conversation
    Doesn't get drinks bought for you because you're an ugly toad
  2. Pick a cat.

  3. Pick a car.

    idk im cant drive
  4. Someone pisses you off at the bar, what do you do?

    Punch them.
    Get yoursra.
    Get yousra.
    Get yoursra.
    Get yousra.
  5. Drink of choice.

    Whatevers on sale at the beer store
  6. You're at a party with shit music, you get the aux, what do you play?

    I always have the aux so music is always LIT
    The Dreidel Song
    Idk they never let me have the aux
  7. Your friend left with a foreign dude but you're stuck with the rest of his friends, what do you do?

    I left with the foreign man ha bitchessssszzzz
    Tries to hookup with the rest of the friends
    Don't know, wasn't there. I got pizza though
    Get the guys to get you and your friends a cab home cause you know how to FINESSSSSEE bitch
    Doesn't know whats going on because she lost her phone
  8. Lines really long in the ceeps bathroom, what do you do?

    Goes outside and pees in the smokers area
    Goes in with a guy and doesn't ever come out
    Pretends to be sick (af) to get in faster
    Jewish people have priority, they never wait in line
    Skips the line because she cute and she can
  9. You're in line for pizza, what do you do?

    Stumbles across a couple that was to experiment sexually
    Leaves and gets shawarma
    Leaves to get wendy's
    "Is this pizza kosher????"
    Flirts to get free pizza
  10. Its your last night out, whats happened?

    Tries to initiate people into her satanic cult
    Shows people her dreidel
    Dances to closer forever and ever and ever and ever and ever ....and...ev-
    Gets kicked out because she tries to bouncers too much
    Passes out in the bathroom all night

Which Wednesday Nudes Member Is you?

You got: YOUSRA

Sometimes referred to as Yoursla, Yousefa, or Urethra BUT most commonly referred to as Stacy's Mom because she got it going on with that PHAT ARSE of hers. As Yous-bae, you are the baes of all baes. With that said, you will never bae-up a white boy who can't and won't season their food. You're all about that seasoned life style you kno? Dat good good fuckin' burrito boy lyfe styyyyyyle u kno fam. OH and if you ever encounter a drunk bitch who lost her manners, --well, they don't want to know what happens (BUT YOU WILL FUCK HER UP because youseralef doesn't take SHIT from no dumb hoe). Even with all that, you're best qualities are sugar, a SHIT FUCK TON of spice, but you're still everything nice. unless when you fart, cause that shit is worse than the depths of hell.

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You got: ELY

This is probably the most unfortunate day of your life. If you got Ely, you may need to reconsider some of the decisions you're making because being Ely is like being an idiot, mixed with a bunch of idiots, in a world of pure idiots. LIKE YOU'RE JUST GOING TO DIE AN IDIOT. Okay no but honestly, you're kind, funny, sma-- man I can't even lie to the people. Redo the quiz and pick all new answers than you did before or else you're stuck as a musical theatre obsessed, llama loving, dumb hoe who has absolutely no productive qualities about herself that will help her in anyway in the future. But other than that, you're cool.

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You got: SARAH

OU GIRLLLLLLLLLLL... you're the spawn of satan. You have just been chosen to follow Sarah into the darkness and become her fucking HELL-BOUND SLAVE. No one fucks w you because if they did, the darkness within you would come through and swallow them whole. Like seriously, literally eaten in one bite, like the box of pizza you love to devour about once a week. You got MAD $wag so when people piss you off, you don't waste time touching them or physically hurting them , you enjoy ripping them open with your pitch fork. For the afterlife, you hope that we are all resurrected as zombies so we can live a life of flesh-eating fun living with our one and only zom-baes...unless your forgotten about cause that usually happens.

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You got: RACHEL

THE JEW OF THE GROUP!! You are the shinning star of the group... ha get it ;) star ... star of dav--okay anyways. You're probably the most sane person in the group, you have your shit together and you're probably going to make it big in this world hunty. Live long and prosper.

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You got: RASA

THE RAVE QUEEN. All eyes on you cause of your radiating blue eyes. When your not raving you're thinking about fish and their lifestyle. Vanishes at the speed of light at the bar but typically will come home having had a DOPE ASS TIME. Keep being the cutie patootie that you are.

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