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Some Men Played With Barbies For The First Time And They Were Actually In Love

"It's whatever you want it to be."

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For those of you that thought Barbies were for girls only... you thought wrong! We got some bros to have a play date with Barbie, Ken, and Barbie's Dream House and they had the time of their lives.

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Initially, Will claimed he never played with Barbies while he was growing up. But he admitted that he definitely had strong feelings for her.


And Eli admitted that this was a BIG F*CKING DEAL for him.

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But what's a Barbie without a bangin' outfit? Josh's struggle was all the way real.


Others seemed to be very confident about their wardrobe selections and execution.


And after Barbie got her ensemble all figured out... it was time for the elusive Ken to arrive. Because they had a hot date, obvi. The guys went wild!

The cutest part of this whole thing was when the bros tried to create IRL convos between Ken and Barbie during their Dream House date.


And some of the features of the Dream House really surprised the gents.


After their playdate, the guys started to really show appreciation for Barbie.


And really, Elvis said it best, Barbie is so versatile.



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