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The DOs And DON'Ts Of Meeting The President

Be punctual. The White House waits for no man...except maybe Elvis Presley. Elvis & Nixon, coming April 22!

1. Do get an invitation. Don't just walk up to the gate!

2. Do write the president a note, and use your fanciest handwriting.

3. Don't go power-tripping and making outrageous demands.

4. Do dress ~appropriately~.

5. Don't flirt with the secretaries.

6. Weapons are a no-no. Duh.

7. What did we JUST SAY.

8. Don't drink the president's soda.

9. At the very least, share your soda with him.

10. Do keep it humble.

11. Anything veering on menacing will not be taken favorably.

12. Don't get physical with (and this is just common sense) THE PRESIDENT.

13. Probably don't need to specify this, but no karate in the oval office.

14. Do find ~safe~ ways to show your appreciation.

15. You get one photo, so make it count.

16. And always finish strong.

There's a lot you shouldn't do, unless you're Elvis Presley meeting with President Nixon. (True story!)

Don't miss Kevin Spacey and Michael Shannon in Elvis & Nixon, premiering April 22!

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