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    Young Entrepreneur Joey Ruben Shares Social Media Tips

    Joey Ruben is a 16-year-old teenage social media entrepreneur. Joey has an Instagram follower network of about 1.4 million followers. Highlights in Joey's career as a social media entrepreneur include working with large apps such as TikTok and Sweatcoin as an influencer.

    How can someone reading this post grow their IG?

    Joey Ruben: An everyday Instagram user can grow their audience by posting quality and engaging content. I see too often on Instagram wannabe entrepreneurs posting 10 or more times a day just trying to get on the explore page and it makes people not only unfollow them but also takes away from their brand value. Posting 2-3 times a week with quality content is better than posting 30 or more times a week with meaningless content. Quality is more important than quantity.

    What are some secrets to virality on social media platforms?

    Joey Ruben: Honestly I could make up some fake steps on exactly what you need to do to make it on social media, but the truth is that the only way you can guarantee success is by not giving up. So often I see people give up after a few days because they don’t get instant fame. It takes months sometimes even years to gain the following that you desire. So if you take one thing away from this it is that you should not give up easily, don’t quit when things get hard.

    Do you think that pages deserve to make money if they are curating others’ content?

    Joey Ruben: I believe that pages should be making money even if they are using other people’s content. I believe they should only be making the money though if they are giving full credit to the rightful creator of the content. When another influencer shares someone else’s content with their audience it benefits both parties. It allows both people to gain a large follower base. I do not support however when accounts have millions of followers and take credit for others' content and even put their own watermark on stolen content. This makes me mad for 2 reasons. Reason one is that the creator of the content is not getting the exposure that they deserve and reason two is that they could be violating copyright infringements which could result in the termination of their account.

    Would you consider yourself to be successful?

    Joey Ruben: The simple answer that question is no. I don’t consider myself to have even scratched the surface of my potential. For my age, I would say I am moderately successful, but success isn’t measured by making a few bucks in your teenage years. This whole experience for me is just a learning experience for my future endeavors in life. I want to learn as much as I possibly can from this so that in 10 years I am able to apply what I have learned to my future Career.

    How did you personally grow your pages?

    Joey Ruben: I started out two and a half years ago when I was only 14, and I had no clue how to market or grow an account, but what I did was I used hashtags that were related to what I was posting as well content that asked the reader a question so they would respond to it in the comment section which drew even more engagement to my Instagram page. The number 1 way I promoted my influencer accounts however was through talking to other influencers with similar size audiences and similar niche’s and shout out each other’s accounts. This would help our followers find similar accounts to the ones they are already following without it being seen as Spam.

    How have you been able to grow your business?

    Joey Ruben: I’ve grown my business throughout the last two and a half years using three major concepts. The first way is putting 50% of everything that I earned back into my business, whether that be through advertising on other accounts or online courses. The second way is not wasting time, most people just go about their day figuring it out as they go, but not me. Before every day I would make a list of what I wanted to get done and by what time. This kept me honest with myself and made me more dedicated to what I was doing. My third way is researching. I have spent hundreds of hours researching my target audience and how to attract their attention.

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