Elur MLM

Elur MLM With its experienced management team, breakthrough nutritional products, and industry-first Linear Matrix compensation plan, Elur MLM represents the most bankable business opportunity in the industry. Elur Worldwide - The latest breakthrough MLM...
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  • Elur MLM is an Electric Opportunity

    Have you ever been to an event where the feeling was simply ELECTRIC? An event where you could almost feel the electric current flowing in the room, where there was a sense of anticipation, awe, enthusiasm, excitement, where the feeling was simply electric? Elur Worldwide will be the means of transmitting this electricity to all of the Elur Distributors. Their events, their culture, and everything they do will be electrifying, thrilling, exciting, spirited, rousing, dynamic, and stirring. That is a high standard but that is what Elur aspire to. Elur wants the distributors to experience Elur not just as exciting but charged with emotion and even life-changing. They believe that the things they are putting in place can accomplish that.

  • Elur MLM is an Empowering Opportunity

    Elur Worldwide is committed to EMPOWERING the distributors by giving them all of the tools they need to succeed in their Elur MLM business. Elur will also provide each of the Elur Distributors with opportunities to learn and grow as an individual. Elur is confident that the distributors will be pleased with the training programs and platforms that they will be rolling out in the future. Elur wants to enable the distributors to achieve personal greatness on multiple different levels - with their business and with their personal growth. Elur wants to help the distributors to increase their spiritual, social, and economic strength and increase their own self-sufficiency by helping develop their own capacities and skills.

  • Elur Worldwide Launching Maqui Berry Products

    Elur will be launching their Maqui Berry product line after the soft launch in US on July 15th, 2010. There’re a total of 3 Maqui based product line: ELUR - Maqui liquid supplement (750ML), ORAC - Maqui based power antioxidant formula (60 Capsules), and ENERGY - Maqui based energy shot (2 Oz). Stay tuned!

  • Elur Breakthrough Executive Management Team

    Introduce you to Curtis Call, Clint McKinlay, Elias Coca, and Mark Peterson. Elur Executive management team holds the record for the most successful and lucrative company launch in the history of MLM / Network Marketing. How much more credibility can you get? Not only have the Elur executives founded previous network marketing companies and created industry records, but they have also been successful distributors themselves.

  • Elur Breakthrough Linear Compensation Plan

    Have you ever been a part of a business that compensates you for every order that is placed after you join? It’s almost unbelievable that Elur Compensation Plan would reward you for orders that are placed by persons who join after you regardless of whether you enrolled them or not. Elur has taken this one giant leap further. Not only does Elur compensate you for recommending its products, it compensates you with a percentage of the orders of all the distributors / customers that join after you. That is unheard of! That is revolutionary. This is a Breakthrough. Take advantage of the incredible timing Today! Join Elur & position yourself above ALL orders that are going to be placed under you!

  • Elur Worldwide Inc.

    With more than 70 years experience in the direct sales, scientific and medical fields, Elur will soon emerge as the global leader in doctor formulated ant-aging supplements, foods and cosmeceuticals. The Elur Opportunity is unique and hype free and pays out more than any other opportunity in the industry. The Elur compensation plan will give you the most bankable plan in the MLM industry. Your income is guaranteed.

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