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  • Cockatoo With A Passion For Fashion Rocks The Runway

    Program Participants of the Margaret Winchester Enrichment Center For the Blind and Visually Impaired, Inc. in Bridgeton, NJ enjoy a special visitor who modeled some fun fashions for the program participants as part of their Fashion Fun Day. Princess Ella, a self-proclaimed birdie supermodel took to the runway to model some avante-garde and fun and frilly fashions, which were designed for her by the program participants of the Enrichment Center. After her fashion show and modeling debut, the Diva posed with her stylists, fashion designers and center participants who toasted to her success with sparkling cider. Princess Ella, is a very fashionable goffins cockatoo and visits senior centers and preschools as part of her outreach program to help birds in rescues. She wears clothes due to plucking and mutilation issues. For more information on Princess Ella, visit Ella The Goffins Cockatoo/Facebook.

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