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    • elsenew

      Puerto Rico just hadareferendum (Nov. 6) about possible statehood. In rounded numbers there were 800,000 for Statehood, 400,000 for more or less status quo, and under 100,000 for Independence. Thus it would look like they want statehood. However, it’s not so simple. There were 500,000 blank ballots deliberately cast to show disapproval of something (I am still not quite clear what exactly), so that adds up to more than 900,000 not in favor of statehood, andalittle less than 800,000 in favor. For those who don’t know, we conquered PR with some loss of life during the Spanish American War when we also got Cuba and the Philippines. There are also some Puerto Ricans in federal prisons for Independence activities called treason, some for 30 to 90 years although no deaths were ever proven. This makesalot of them very angry.

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