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Sorority Recruitment As Told By House Of Cards

"I've always loathed the necessity of sleep."

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When you arrive back on campus, so excited to see all of your sisters

And you plan to hit up all the first day of school parties, telling yourself you'll still have time to get all your homework done


When you get to the frats and the freshmen are already super drunk


But while you're there, you totally meet your rush crush

But a girl from a different sorority interrupts your conversation with her

When your alarm clock goes off for you 8 a.m. after you've been out all night

But you manage to drag yourself to class, even though you're so not in the mood

After school you have recruitment practice, where your recruitment chair yells at you for not taking it seriously enough


(Deep down, you know she's right. But you're JUST. SO. TIRED.)

Before you know it, it's the first day of intro rounds, and you're super nervous

Because you know how important first impressions are


When you try to talk to your PNM, but the suite is ridiculously loud


And hot. So insanely hot.

Some girls you talk to are super shy

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And some that talk so fast you can't keep up

At the end of the round, you only have 30 seconds to rush them out the door

Someone realizes they accidentally let a PNM take a tissue out of the suite, and all hell breaks loose

And after all the PNMs leave, your chapter still has to stay and vote

And you know your diet for the week will consist of coffee, coffee, and more coffee

When it's preference night, and you find out you get to talk to your favorite girl

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But you have to be careful you don't say anything that could be perceived as bid promising when you do

And you explain to her, while she'll get to learn some cool stuff about your sorority tonight, she won't be able to know all your rituals unless she's initiated

During pref, you assure her that no matter what sorority she chooses, you'll still be her friend

But you REALLY want her in yours, so saying goodbye is hard

The night before bid day is even harder, because you're dying to know who's going to be in the new pledge class

When bid day is FINALLY here, and you see all your favorite girls from recruitment start running towards your sorority

And you celebrate all the great girls you now get to call your sisters!


(And the fact that the start of a new recruitment season is still months away.)

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