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    • elphabaanne

      I got the chance to attend a red carpet event for “UnREAL” last summer and interview some of the stars. It was my first time doing anything like that, and I was extremely nervous. Constance Zimmer was the first person I talked to, and she was so sweet and genuine. She immediately put my mind at ease and gave really thoughtful answers to my questions. She also stayed after for a few minutes to take photos with me and some of the other journalists even though she had a panel to get to. One of the reporters started talking about how she hated how tall she was and how she wished she looked like Constance, and Constance told her to stop putting herself down and love herself for the beautiful person she was. I’ll never forget how kind and down-to-earth she was!

    • elphabaanne

      This summer, my friend and I got to visit the set of our favorite show, “The Fosters.” I’m a huge fan of Teri Polo, and I was so excited to meet her. We walked over to say hi, and she thanked us for coming to visit set. I was incredibly nervous and awestruck and blurted back, “thanks for letting me talk to you!” I was immediately embarrassed, but she was so cool and sweet about it. She told me I could always talk to her, and we had a conversation about her new haircut and summer vacation plans. She was so nice and down-to-earth despite my awkwardness.

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