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    10 Sexy Romance Novels That'll Have Your Heart Racing Faster Than A Race Car Engine

    *fans self with a checkered flag*

    1. Flat-Out Sexy

    Berkley, Penguin Group

    Who’s the author? Erin McCarthy

    Who’s the driver? Elec Monroe

    How many books in the series? Seven

    What’s the story? After independent widowed mom, Tamara, is tricked into going on a blind date with a much-younger man, she can’t help but find herself falling in love. When he wants to meet her kids, however, Tamara gets nervous and must decide if the relationship is worth the risk.

    2. Driven

    EverAfter Romance

    Who’s the author? K. Bromberg

    Who’s the driver? Colton Donavan

    How many books in the series? Nine (including spinoffs)

    What’s the story? Their paths should never have crossed. Colton Donavan was arrogant, exuded that bad boy vibe, and embodied everything Rylee never wanted. And yet all it took was one night, one hallway, and one stolen kiss for her to know she hated him and desired him instantly. Her heart was healing. His soul was damaged.

    Fun fact: a Driven movie is set to be released this summer on Passionflix! Casey Deidrick will play Colton and Olivia Applegate will play Rylee. Here's a first look at them as their characters.

    3. Happy Hour

    Shey Stahl Productions

    Who’s the author? Shey Stahl

    Who’s the driver? Jameson Riley

    How many books in the series? 10

    What’s the story? Sway Reins, a track owner’s only daughter, and Jameson Riley, a gritty NASCAR rookie driver, have been friends since they were kids. Over the years, Sway becomes his safety shield during his rapid rise to the elite levels of auto racing. But can she convince this rookie he can have love and his dream?

    4. Quarter Mile Hearts

    CreateSpace Independent Publishing

    Who’s the author? Jenny Siegel

    Who’s the driver? Max Morgan

    How many books in the series? Two

    What’s the story? Following an accident injuring her dad, 24-year-old Leigh Storm returns home to the town she was once so desperate to escape. It is only a matter of hours before she runs into Max Morgan. Dark-eyed and dangerous to her heart, he is the very last person she wants to see. It might have been four years since she saw him last, but there’s no denying the chemistry between them is as potent as ever. Max makes it clear he isn't about to let her run again, even if he is the one thing Leigh vowed to herself she would never date: a street racer.

    5. Accelerate


    Who’s the author? Tracy Wolff

    Who’s the driver? Nic Medina

    How many books in the series? Two

    What’s the story? A small-town girl with Hollywood dreams, Jordan Bass never expected to be swept up in a real-life drama. But that’s exactly what happens when she witnesses a violent crime. When a smoldering stranger takes the wheel and practically kidnaps her in a desperate bid to keep her safe, she’s not sure whether to scream or kiss him. On a collision course with danger, Jordan finds herself falling for the man whose street smarts are keeping her alive... and whose touch puts her in high gear.

    6. Stick Shift

    Loose ID, LLC

    Who’s the author? Lissa Matthews

    Who’s the driver? Cam Carter

    How many books in the series? Two

    What’s the story? Cam Carter is one of the most successful young drivers in the top tier of the stock car racing circuit. All over the country, he's well known to racing fans —loved by some, respected by a few, and hated by others. He's arrogant, strong-willed, and a consistent winner. What he doesn't have is balance... until he meets a pretty, very curvaceous, and unassuming fan named Lily.

    7. Revved

    CreateSpace Independent Publishing

    Who’s the author? Samantha Towle

    Who’s the driver? Carrick Ryan

    How many books in the series? Two

    What’s the story? Race car mechanic Andressa "Andi" Amaro has one rule—no dating drivers. With a good reason behind the rule, she has no plans on breaking it. Carrick Ryan races hard and parties harder. The youngest driver to ever sign with F1, he’s still at the top of his game five years later, breaking hearts on and off the tracks. When Andi is offered her dream job working in the glamorous world of F1, she leaves her home in Brazil, positive she can handle working for Carrick. But she’s not prepared for the off-the-chart sparks that fly the moment they meet.

    8. Chasing Daisy

    Simon & Schuster

    Who’s the author? Paige Toon

    Who’s the driver? Will and Luis

    How many books in the series? One

    What’s the story? Grabbing a chance to see the world, Daisy — who has given up on men — packs her bags and joins a team catering to the world's highest-paid, supercharged racing drivers on the Formula 1 Grand Prix circuit. From Brazil to Italy, from Melbourne to Monte Carlo, life passes in a dizzying whirlwind. But nothing and no one can stop Daisy from falling in love again... this time for a man who is prepared to risk his life, and his heart, for the sake of speed, danger, and ultimate success.

    9. Dangerous Race

    Carina Press

    Who’s the author? Dee J. Adams

    Who’s the driver? Tracey Bradshaw and Mac Reynolds

    How many books in the series? Six

    What’s the story? Four years ago, race car driver Tracey Bradshaw almost died in a horrific crash. Now scarred inside and out, she's making a comeback, but her team is plagued by a series of "accidents.” When the team leader dies under mysterious circumstances, former driver Mac Reynolds takes charge. The pair clash as Tracey resents his high-handed attempts to control her, while Mac fears Tracey's recklessness will get her killed... but neither can throttle back the desire that spins out of control whenever they touch.

    10. High Octane: Ignited

    Crimson Romance

    Who’s the author? Rachel Cross and Ashlinn Craven

    Who’s the driver? Ronan Hawes

    How many books in the series? Three

    What's the story? Cassidy Miller was living her dreams as an EMS helicopter pilot saving lives in Arizona until it all came crashing down. The last thing she needs is to get involved with a driver who thrives on risking lives. Sexy, daredevil British driver Ronan Hawes has no room in his life for anything but winning. Halfway through the season, he’s on track to win the Formula One World Drivers Championship, a title that has eluded him for years, and no emotionally-damaged woman, felon father, rookie rival, or rumor mill are going to run him off course…

    Happy reading!


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