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    • eloisep2

      I let my roommate have the room for the night to have some friends over and I stayed with a friend across campus. Of course I forgot something and needed to go have to my room. It’s New Hampshire, in winter, so you take your shoes off before entering the room - which I did. I opened the door to darkness, step into the room, and the carpet is soaking wet - It made a squishy sound. I then turn the light on and there are about 5 people, sitting on the floor, in their underwear..one was my my roommate and another was a campus security guard. There were red solo cups all over the place and clothing thrown around the room. I looked at my roommate, told her she had to leave by the morning, grabbed my stuff and I walked out. By the time I got back the next morning, she was moved out.

    • eloisep2

      The point of the organization is to advocate for cancer research and used almost asasupport system for those who are battling or battled suchadisease. Unfortunately the person who founded the organization is one of utter disgrace but what the organization stands for is not.  No one should feel “regret” for supportingacause such as cancer and the fight to cure it. My husband isasurvivor andIfeel no “regret” in wearing my Livestrong in support of him and the journey he made in beating the disease.

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