20 People Excited About The Bug Mac

The idea of insects-as-food (known as entomophagy) is being increasingly promoted by chefs and scientists alike as a more sustainable and healthful alternative to mammals, birds, and fish. Here are 20 people ready for their Bug Mac.

1. 1. The Bug Mac as Part of a Balanced Diet

The McFlurry has cicadas in it.

2. 2. The Bug Mac on a Transatlantic Flight

Zach is displeased with airline food in general.

3. 3. The Hunger-Ending Bug Mac

Liam gets cranky when his blood sugar drops.

4. 4. The Straightforward Bug Mac Order

Clark also wants his MTV.

5. 5. The Bug Mac of Incredulity

We can’t believe it either.

6. 6. The Noah’s Ark Bug Mac: Two of Every Animal

McDonald’s employees hate it when you order off-menu.

7. 7. The Bug Mac With Side Salad

… and a diet Coke.

8. 8. The Valentine’s Bug Mac

It’s not a box of chocolates that will win her heart.

9. 9. The Best Bug Mac Ever

It’s all downhill from here, Casey.

10. 10. The Fourth Meal Bug Mac

Hugh is high on his Bug Mac.

11. 11. The Rejected Bug Mac

Bacon > Bugs??

12. 12. The Intergenerational Bug Mac

The family that Macs together…

13. 13. The Mad Men Bug Mac

“What you call hunger was invented by guys like me to sell Bug Macs.”

14. 14. The Instagrammed Bug Mac

Swagggg. Lol.

15. 15. The British Bug Mac

Eat it in a lorrey whilst on the way to your flat.

16. 16. The Phileo Bug Mac

In the city of brotherly Bug Mac love.

17. 17. The Pharaoh’s Bug Mac

Eat like an Egyptian.

18. 18. Bug Macs as a Part of Your Fitness Routine

Fill up with premium Bug Mac fuel.

19. 19. The Celebrity Bug Mac Diet

Rihanna + Bug Macs = Bootylicious

20. 20. The Portuguese Bug Mac

Because of the metric system?

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