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Karlie Kloss Is Being Dragged For Not Supporting Taylor Swift In The Latest Scooter Braun Drama, But It's Actually Complicated

They've have been plagued by rumours of a feud for years, but there are actually a number of potential reasons for Karlie's silence on Taylor's latest drama.

Ellie Woodward 5 hours ago

14 Brutal Tumblr Posts Taylor Swift Has Liked Since Putting Scott Borchetta And Scooter On Blast Again

"Imagine stripping a woman of her life experiences ... her heart she spilled out onto countless pages for YEARS just because you’re a white man and know you can get away with it."

Ellie Woodward 8 hours ago

Here Are All The Celebs Who've Spoken Out In Support Of Taylor Swift After She Exposed Scott Borchetta And Scooter Braun Again

After Taylor implored other musicians to speak out against Scott and Scooter allegedly preventing her from performing her own songs at the upcoming AMAs, here are the celebs who have...

Ellie Woodward 10 hours ago
Ellie Woodward One day ago

T.I.'s Wife Rolled Her Eyes In Response To Concern Over His Daughter After The Hymen Controversy

Tameka "Tiny" Harris's comment comes just days after Deyjah unfollowed both her and T.I. on social media.

Ellie Woodward One day ago
Ellie Woodward One day ago
Ellie Woodward 2 days ago

Selena Gomez Opened Up About Being "Attacked" For Her Weight Gain While Taking Medication For Lupus

"That’s just my truth. I fluctuate. It depends what's happening in my life, it's out of my control and that got to me big time."

Ellie Woodward 3 days ago

T.I.'s Daughter Has Unfollowed Him On Social Media After Receiving Support Over His Comments About Her Hymen

T.I. revealed last week that he attends annual gynaecological appointments with his daughter, who is now 18, to "check her hymen is still intact".

Ellie Woodward 3 days ago

Kourtney Kardashian Revealed She's Taking A Break From "KUWTK" To Focus On Her Kids After Years Of Threatening To Quit

After years of saying she wants to quit the show, Kourtney has revealed she's decided to step away for a while.

Ellie Woodward 7 days ago

Kim Kardashian Said Her Process For Accepting Paid Instagram Posts Has Changed Now She's Working In Prison Reform

"This ... can help free them with simple legal fees that they just can’t afford."

Ellie Woodward 8 days ago
Ellie Woodward 9 days ago
Ellie Woodward 9 days ago

Taylor Swift Revealed There Was Behind-The-Scenes Drama That Made Her Speak Out Against Scott Borchetta

"If you don't ask the right questions and you sit in front of the wrong desk in front of the wrong person, they can take everything from you."

Ellie Woodward 10 days ago

Kaitlynn Carter Finally Opened Up In Detail About Splitting From Brody Jenner And Falling In Love With Miley Cyrus

"This past July, I went on vacation with a female friend; the next thing I knew, I was in love with her."

Ellie Woodward 10 days ago
Ellie Woodward 14 days ago
Ellie Woodward 14 days ago
Ellie Woodward 15 days ago

Taylor Swift Hinted That Her Mom's Health Is The Reason For Not Doing A "Lover" World Tour After Backlash From Fans

"I’ve got some pretty intense things happening with my family right now. I can't go on long tours and not have the ability to go home if I need to."

Ellie Woodward 15 days ago

Caitlyn Jenner's 70th Birthday Party Revealed Some Of The Kardashians Have Ended Their Feud With Her — But Others Have Not

The last we heard, the Kardashians and Caitlyn Jenner had mutually cut ties with each other so this has come as quite a shock.

Ellie Woodward 16 days ago