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Zendaya Shut Down A Troll Who Said She Looks Like "A Gay Dude In Makeup"

She stood up for all the men who DO wear makeup, and they shared images of themselves in solidarity.

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Zendaya is one flawless queen. 👑

Instagram: @zendaya

Well, she's struck again. A troll tweeted this image of Zendaya and said: "She looks like a gay dude wearing makeup."

She looks like a gay dude wearing makeup


So Zendaya clapped back, standing up for herself and the men who were also insulted in the original tweet. this supposed to be an insult cause they slay sooooooo.....

And it wasn't long before other women shared images of their flawless makeup, with the same Snapchat filter, @ing Zendaya in.

And then men got involved, too.

Trying to get my brows like @Zendaya