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You'll Never Guess How These Celebrity Couples Met

First comes love...

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2. Nick and Vanessa Lachey.


These two met on the set of Nick's music video, "What's Left of Me," where she was playing his love interest.

The song was actually written about his ex-wife Jessica Simpson in the wake of their very messy, very public split, but it seems that Vanessa helped to mend Nick's heart.

3. Kate Hudson and Matt Bellamy.


This actress and band-member aren't exactly the most likely of pairings, but it turns out that music is something they have in common.

They met after Kate lost her friends at Coachella festival in California. Proving himself to be quite the gentleman, Matt offered to help her and they've been inseparable ever since.

4. Peter Andre and Emily Macdonagh.


Weird but true, Peter and Emily met after Peter fell ill with kidney stones in 2010. He was treated by Emily's surgeon father, Ruaraidh MacDonagh and met the family after the operation.

Peter stayed in touch with the MacDonaghs, with Emily's dad operating on Peter's father too. However, it took Peter two years of friendship before he plucked up the courage to ask Emily out on a date. They're now engaged and have a baby girl together.


5. Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger.


These two surprised us all when they revealed that they weren't only dating, but were getting married too.

Turns out they met on a professional basis, with Chad helping to write tracks for Avril's album. They wrote a song about heart-break, which Avril explained helped them to "bond like crazy".

She said: "It was like we'd known each other forever. It's a very intimate process, and you have to really open up when you're songwriting. When it was over and I had to go work with other people, it sucked. So I called him and asked him to come back to L.A. to do some more writing with me, and he was like, 'Hell yeah!' "

6. Frankie Sandford and Wayne Bridge.


Sometimes all it takes is for a mutual friend to do a spot of match-making, and in the case of Frankie and Wayne, that friend was actor James Corden.

James revealed: "I got their phone numbers and I put each other’s number in the phones and I said, ‘I want this to work.' Two weeks later, they’re in the paper and they’re dating."

They're now engaged and have a baby son.

8. Professor Green and Millie Mackintosh.


Millie and Professor Green have FHM magazine to thank for their relationship, after he saw her on the cover.

He liked what he saw and asked his publicist to get Millie's number. She obliged, he called within half an hour and they were married within two years of meeting.


9. Matt Damon and Luciana Barroso.


Matt and Luciana met in a bar in Miami in 2003, while he was shooting the movie Stuck on You.

Matt later recalled: "We ended up at a bar where my wife was the bartender. I literally saw her across a crowded room."

10. Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke.


These two first met at a cashpoint in Manhattan, when he attempted to strike up a conversation with her. She wasn't especially impressed, and it was only when they were later reunited on the set of Gattaca that she really fell for him.

11. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner.


It took for these two to be on two movie sets before they embarked on a relationship.

They first met in 2001 while shooting Pearl Harbor, but it wasn't until 2003 when they reconnected on the set of Daredevil that romance blossomed.

12. Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale.


Gwen and Gavin met when No Doubt supported his band Bush, way back in 1995.

He went to great lengths to be noticed by her, throwing a party specifically so he could speak to Gwen. They ended up having their first kiss that night, and are now married with three children.


13. Calvin Harris and Rita Ora.


Calvin and Rita didn't get off to the best of starts. They became aware of each other over Twitter, where they had a massive spat.

There was a lot of expletive-ridden anger shared between the two, after Rita claimed that Cheryl Cole's song, "Call My Name," which was produced by Calvin, was offered to her first but she turned it down.

However, things improved when they met backstage at an event and began dating.

14. Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen.

The world's most beautiful couple met after being set up on a blind date by a mutual friend.

The friend apparently said Tom was the male version of Gisele and vice versa.

15. Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards.


If there's one thing these two have in common, its The X Factor.

The pair met in 2011 when Perrie was a contestant on the show with band Little Mix. One Direction dropped in to perform their new single on the programme, and Zayn and Perrie hit it off.

They enjoyed numerous secret dates before finally going public with their romance months later.

16. Scarlett Johansson and Romain Dauriac.


These two haven't revealed much about their relationship, but if rumours are to be believed, they met through their love of tattoos.

It's believed that they were introduced by their mutual tattoo artist friend, who has inked them both.


17. Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux.


They first met on the set of Tropic Thunder in 2008, but it took for them to star in the 2011 film Wanderlust for romance to blossom.

And it seems that the reason for the lack of an initial spark is down to Jennifer worrying that Justin looked like a serial killer.

She revealed: "I met Justin about five years ago and I thought, ‘Woah, he is very sweet’, but I remember thinking he was very dark too. At first you think he could be like a serial killer but he is actually the nicest person in the world!”

18. Jamie Bell and Evan Rachel Wood.


Jamie and Evan Rachel met on the set of the Greenday video for "Wake Me Up When September Ends," which they were both starring in.

They dated for a few years, split, then reconciled, got married and recently welcomed a baby.

19. Isaac and Nicole Hanson.


Isaac and Nikki met when she attended a Hanson gig in 2003. He spotted her in the crowd, seated on the fifth row.

Isaac later revealed: "I went to the main guitar tech right after the show. I was like, ‘Dude, I really need your help. There’s this girl ... She’s gonna leave.’ And he goes, ‘Dude, I really don’t have time right now. Talk to the stage manager.’ So I got the stage manager to stop my wife."

20. Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones.


The pair met at the premiere of Catherine's film, The Mask of Zorro. However, their first encounter wasn't that romantic, as he approached her by saying: "I want to father your children."

She wasn't impressed and walked away. He then sent her a dozen roses to apologise, and she eventually agreed to a date. Funnily enough, he did then go on to father her children, with the pair marrying in 2000 and having two kids.

21. Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith.


Believe it or not, these two met at a Fresh Prince of Bel Air audition back when Jada was 19.

Romance didn't blossom for a while though, with Jada admitting: "After we had known each other for many years, we went out for dinner one night [with mutual friends] and I saw that he had grown from this lanky kid to this really responsible man. We started courting each other and our friendship turned into romance."