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Posted on May 23, 2015

The 24 Most WTF Moments From This Year's Eurovision

Good job everyone was drunk, really.

1. The whole thing opened with Conchita Wurst flying through the venue.

What a badass.

2. Then a rapper appeared on stage wearing a fedora and singing with a choir of schoolchildren because, obviously.


3. The first country to perform was Slovenia, which involved the singer wearing a massive pair of headphones for absolutely no reason.


Oh, wait, we've since been told it's to help her "feel closer to the music". (Slash keep the sound out.)

4. Israel's entry involved a guy who sang about being the "king of fun" while winking quite a lot.


"And before I leave, let me show you Tel Aviv".

5. And thrusting too.

This is the highlight of #eurovision2015, if you don't agree your bloodline is weak and you won't survive the winter.

6. Then this guy took to the stage and everyone was like, why the actual fuck is Louis Tomlinson the Estonian Eurovision entrant?


When did Louis tomlinson move to estonia?

omg i didnt know louis tomlinson was this years estonian entrant

what is Louis Tomlinson doing singing for Estonia?

7. The whole thing was just a bit confusing. Mainly because the song featured lyrics such as this:


8. Then it was the UK's turn. And their lyrics weren't much better.


9. Meanwhile, Belgium's entry featured this lyric:


10. And this ~interesting~ choreography.

This has been the highlight of the entire evening and if you don't agree your opinions are bad

11. Then an Austrian James Bay played a piano for a bit before setting it on fire.


12. No, honestly.


The exact moment Austria tried to change the game and failed #Eurovision2015

13. There was a slightly bizarre moment when Montenegro's entrant bore more than a passing resemblance to George Galloway.


George Galloway on #Eurovision2015, who would have thought it. #MNE

Those lyrics from the Montenegro act were weird.

14. Spain's entry took to the stage and pretty much re-enacted Frozen.


15. It also featured this perfect moment.

when you realise you forgot to put a shirt on

16. But the most WTF part is that the chorus was basically "Old McDonald Had a Farm".

This is the worst cover of "Old McDonald had a farm" I've ever seen. #Eurovision2015

17. Azerbaijan's entry featured a lot of interpretive dance.


Which led to Graham Norton comparing the performance to those on the Sunday episode of Strictly Come Dancing.

"Mate, fancy coming out Saturday?" "Nah, busy." "What are you doing?" "It's hard to explain."

18. Then while the votes were being counted, we were treated to a bunch of men playing drums. For ages.


19. And we all felt envious of the places that get an ad break during this stage.

Yeah, an ad break would've been better I think. #Eurovision2015

INTERVAL IN FULL: bing ding dang dong ding dang dong ding dang dang bing bang ding bang bang bong bong bong ding dang dong ding bong.

At least they were having fun.

"honestly dave I'm off my tits mate" "me 2" #Eurovision2015

20. When it came to hearing the results, we were treated to this moment from this woman in Finland.


Deploying excellent levels of sass, Graham Norton told us: "This girl thinks we should remember her because she entered the contest with a song called 'Marry Me'. We don't." Seconds later, she announced, "I'M FINALLY GETTING MARRIED!" and we wondered WTF was going on.

21. Meanwhile, the person in Albania looked as though he were dressed for kids TV.


22. The connection continually dropped out as the hosts attempted to speak to each country, with Graham Norton exclaiming, "It's the year 2015, as if we're connected by two tin cans and some string".


23. When it came to Russia's turn, their correspondent decided to announce their points were going to RUSSIA!! Before yelling: "JUST KIDDING".


And we wondered whether this was all a dream.

Russia: “12 POINTS GO TO RUSSIA HA HA HA.” Rest of world: "????!!!" #Eurovision2015

Related: Russia was close to winning until Sweden edged ahead and was crowned victorious.

24. Good job we were all drunk, really.

Best gauge of how drunk #Eurovision tweeters are can be found in all the misspelled hashtags.

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