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    Jul 26, 2016

    Everyone Needs To Stop Body-Shaming Lucy Watson

    Lucy has finally cracked and responded directly to shaming comments on her Instagram account.

    Lucy Watson has become a firm favourite in Made in Chelsea, in part thanks to her A+ facial expressions.


    But recently she's been attracting attention for an entirely different reason – with people leaving negative comments on her Instagram account, criticising her figure.

    Kirstin Sinclair / Getty Images

    She's been fighting off body-shamers for months now, posting this tweet back in March telling everyone she was "happy and healthy".

    The weight shaming thing is really starting to piss me off now. I'm healthy and happy. That's all you need to know.

    The commenting began after Lucy, who is a passionate animal rights activist, went vegan and subsequently lost weight.

    Yes lost a lot of weight since becoming vegan. Feel so much healthier though. And better for the animals 😊❤️.

    However, things really kicked off a couple of weeks ago when she posted this photo of herself in her underwear.

    People went in.


    And many pleaded with her to consider her fanbase when posting such images.

    Yesterday, Lucy shared this photo of herself, and the comments came flooding in again – this time with people saying she "obviously" has an eating disorder.


    And this time, Lucy hit back, once again saying that her weight is down to following a vegan diet and working out – and slamming critics for assuming they know the "ins and outs" of her life.

    Well, that's told them.


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