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    People Are Confused About Why Taylor Swift Thanked Her "Boyfriend Adam" At An Awards Ceremony

    "Who the fuck is Adam? I thought she was dating Calvin."

    Last night, Taylor Swift won a stash of iHeartRadio Music Awards. And during her acceptance speech for the Best Tour gong, Taylor thanked her boyfriend.


    Adam Wiles is Calvin Harris's real name, something that Taylor referenced on Instagram just a few weeks ago.

    However, that didn't stop people from being extremely confused.

    People felt sorry for poor Calvin sitting in the audience while his girlfriend seemingly thanked some other guy.

    @bensnacks why did @taylorswift13 say her BFs name is Adam but they show @CalvinHarris in the audience? #imconfused #iHeartAwards

    Some people thought there had been a breakup that they didn't know about.

    ok yall dont murder me but i thought taylor was dating calvin so what happened im ~confused~

    Wait who's Adam ??????? Thought Taylor was dating Calvin Harris ???????

    Hold up who tf is Adam..? Wasn't she dating Calvin

    who tf is adam???? i thought taylor was dating calvin harris just the other day...??!!! she a damn THOT! 😩

    Others were just straight-up: "Who the fuck is Adam?"

    Who the fuck is Adam?? #iHeartAwards

    So, so many people.

    who was that adam guy taylor said was her bf?

    Some people even used all caps to remind Taylor that HER BOYFRIEND IS CALVIN.


    But it's OK, because people's minds were put to rest after a quick Google.

    Didn't know Calvin Harris wasn't his real name so when Taylor said her boyfriend Adam I was severely confused

    Honestly just had to google calvin harris because I was confused as to why taylor swift called him Adam. #iHeartAwards

    when taylor said her boyf adam i was so confused but then i looked up calvin harris and found out his real name is adam

    So everyone can chill now, because Tayvin are still very much a thing.

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