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    Saint West's Dinosaur Impression Will Destroy You

    My heart can't cope with his attempt to say: "Dinosaur."

    I think everyone is in agreement that Saint West is completely adorable.

    Just look at hiiimmmm.

    However, yesterday Kim Kardashian posted the cutest video of Saint yet.

    In it, he's wearing dinosaur pyjamas.

    I told you it was cute.

    Kim then asks him to "Say dinosaur." And just look at his attempt.

    Then Kim asks him: "What does a dinosour say?" However, little Saint hasn't quite got the hang of Snapchat filters yet, and is too busy trying to be a dog.

    Really trying.

    He gets a little cross...

    Kim calms him down by saying: "A dinosaur says: "NO NO?!" What does a dinosaur say?"

    But right at the end he delivers his best dinosaur impression.

    Here's the adorable-ness in full.

    My heart. 💕

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