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Taylor Swift Gave A Fan Breakup Advice And A "Moving On" Playlist

And it might just be the best advice and playlist you've ever seen.

If there's anyone we love for being open about their breakups, it's Taylor Swift. And now she's decided to pass on a few lovely words of advice to a fan who's dealing with heartbreak.

After her boyfriend dumped her by text, Kasey Andrew posted this comment to Taylor on Tumblr, asking for her advice.

And shortly afterwards, Taylor responded asking Kasey what had happened. BuzzFeed spoke to Kasey who told us that she hadn't imagined Taylor would even see the comment let alone respond.

After Kasey explained the situation, Taylor told her she sympathised, and then encouraged her to cut contact and block her ex-boyfriend.

Taylor then gave perhaps the best breakup advice that's ever been imparted, telling Kasey, "You fell in love, no games. Now you're saying goodbye with no games."

But that wasn't all Taylor offered. She then messaged Kasey with a breakup playlist to help her try to move on. ❤️

You're the best, Taylor.