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19 Very Important Photos Of Benedict Cumberbatch With Kittens

Because that's what Photoshop was made for, right? Tumblr, we love you.

1. This kitten licking Benedict Cumberbatch's cheek is a work of Photoshopping genius.

2. As is this kitten in his very own space helmet.

3. And Benedict holding this tiny kitten is one of the cutest things you're likely to ever see.

4. Although we can't decide who's cuter in a flat cap.

5. Or whose concerned facial expression is cuter.

6. These two chasing lasers on Benedict's torso deserve a special mention too.

7. As does this thoughtful kitten who's made a big effort for Benedict's birthday.

8. As well as this one who just wants a cuddle.

9. And this one who's after a kiss.

10. And especially this one who is doing exactly what we'd do if we ever got this close to Benedict's face.

11. It seems some cats are avid fans of Sherlock...

12. ...While others are open to Bond villain role-play.

13. And some just appreciate a relaxing night in with a glass of wine.

14. Basically, if Benedict's involved they're in.

15. They'll listen to the violin...

16. And listen to conversations they don't quite understand.

17. Or find a spot on his top hat, just to be close to him.

18. And we don't blame them for attaching themselves to him.

19. And playing happily all around him.

Because it's Benedict Cumberbatch, after all.