18 Photos Of Famous Men In Their Pants To Brighten Up Your Day

Because everyone needs cheering up once in a while.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo standing next to a 100ft photograph of himself in his kecks is pretty special.

David Ramos / Getty

2. As is Harry Styles smiling angelically while being nearly-naked.

4. We will be forever thankful for our eyes, for they have allowed us to witness David Gandy in nothing but underwear.

Vittorio Zunino Celotto / Getty

Oh, and also him with a puppy for your viewing pleasure.

5. If it could be arranged for David Beckham to wear only underwear for the rest of time, that’d be great.

Via David Beckham’s mens’ underwear range for H&M/ H&M

6. That’s right, clothes off please.


No, seriously, how do we make this happen?

7. Also, it’d be good if Ryan Reynolds could do this continually for the rest of his life.

8. Then there’s Peter Andre who arguably looks better here than in his Mysterious Girl days.

Peter Andre 2012 calendar/ chlodohable.tumblr.com

9. Or how about Ryan Lochte, who has helpfully indicated where we should be looking?

10. Then we have Jamie Dornan who looks like he doesn’t even know how hot his facial hair/ bicep/ thigh muscle/ general pants area is.

Calvin Klein

11. And Louis Smith who definitely does know how hot he is.

But it’s fine, we forgive him.

12. And Ben Foden looks like he might know it too. But. Those. Biceps.

instagram.com / Via Instagram

13. Does anyone know if Thom Evans is open to desperate proposals of marriage?

Thom Evans for D. Hedral/ Daniel Jaems
Thom Evans for D. Hedral/ Daniel Jaems

15. Also, when does Wimbledon start? And will Rafael Nadal be playing tennis like this?

Rafael Nadal for Emporio Armani

16. And God said, ‘I’ve created you Kris Smith for the enjoyment of womankind’.

Lisa Maree Williams / Getty

Thanks for that, God.

17. At last, someone has finally revealed just the right amount of sweaty-six pack and ripped underwear for our viewing pleasure.

Simon Barnes

We thought the day would never come.

18. And finally, we may have to imagine the trousers aren’t there, but Ryan Gosling is still absolutely, undeniably, completely glorious.

Crazy Stupid Love/ Warner Bros

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Ellie Woodward is a senior celebrity reporter for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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