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Everyone's Making The Same Joke About Taylor And Calvin's Split

Didn't we leave this sexism behind in, like, 2013?

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And of course, literally everyone made the same joke.

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris have broken up.... Here comes the inevitable breakup song from Taylor Swift.... 💤💤 🙄

Oh oh Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris have broken up. Breakup song from Taylor coming up...

I feel a new Taylor Swift song coming on! She and Calvin Harris split.,,and I'm sure IT was his fault!


It's kinda annoying that Taylor is always made an example of, when writing about relationships is something that many other female songwriters do too. She's basically become the easy target for this joke.


And now she can't really win. Because she's admitted in the past that music is her way of figuring out and dealing with her emotions.

And breakups can be the most emotional experiences in life. So she's probably going to be writing about Calvin just to get her head straight. But if those songs do see the light of day she'll be criticised. 😔