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    Sep 6, 2018

    22 TV And Movie Couples That Really Pissed People Off

    They should never have been a ~thing!~

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which TV or movie couple really pissed them off. Here are some of the best responses.

    1. Ted and Robin, How I Met Your Mother


    Everyone can agree that their relationship was bullshit. Ted was an insecure asshole who had a weird, creepy crush on Robin forever. He was super possessive and couldn't handle her being self-sufficient. The finale sucked, Ted sucked and Robin deserved better — aka a happy life with Barney.


    I spent five years of my life watching that show and understanding the fact that they were both so bad for each other romantically. I loved how they'd both grown

    to be such amazing friends despite their history, then it all went to shit in the finale.


    2. Dan and Serena, Gossip Girl

    The CW

    Yes, Serena made her fair share of mistakes, but that's not equivalent to writing an exposé on all of your friends and family members as well as a blog on all of your friends and classmates. I hate that he was forgiven by the elites for being Gossip Girl and the fact that he got what he wanted by hurting so many people with no punishment whatsoever. Bottom line, Dan is a sociopath and Serena deserved Nate.


    3. Dean and Rory, Gilmore Girls

    The CW

    So much about that relationship was fucked up. The way he flipped out and broke up with her when she couldn't say "I love you." The fact that she hooked up with him when he was married. The gross jealousy with Jess. No thank you.


    The writers made Dean out to be a caring, sensitive guy when really he was just incredibly possessive with a bad temper. He humiliated Rory on a number of occasions and became angry when she wanted to do something other than be with him. He was jealous and clingy and made the relationship really unhealthy.


    4. Jon and Daenerys, Game of Thrones


    The development of their romance was awful — it consisted of Daenerys demanding that he bend the knee and threatening not to help with the war against the Others if he didn't. Ahh, nothing like falling for a person who won your heart through threats and burned your best friend’s family alive.


    5. Carrie and Mr Big, Sex and the City


    They're both terrible people and they make each other even worse. He can't do anything right, she can't communicate what she wants and whatever she does ask of him is too much for him to be bothered about — whether that's a drawer at his place for her things, or several YEARS later, a chance to go out one night a week. The moment temptation reared its head for Carrie in the second film, she cheated. How are they still a couple?!


    Big was a real asshole who treated her like shit, but the person she became when with him was so goddamn infuriating I can’t stand it. And of course when she was with Aidan she turned it around on him and treated him like total shit!


    6. Aria and Ezra, Pretty Little Liars


    A relationship that should've ended in season one with him fired and run out of town. Or, better yet, in jail because at least in the book he didn't know she was his student until after he'd snogged her in a bar, whereas in the show he not only knew but went out of his way to seduce her so he could use her for information in his shitty book.

    — Beverley Carry, Facebook

    7. Angel and Buffy, Buffy the Vampire Slayer

    The WB

    It's an unpopular opinion, but I honestly did not understand why Buffy was so in love with Angel. He was brooding, whiny, manipulative, condescending, and controlling — even with his soul. He broke up with Buffy and rather than letting her move on, he proceeded to string her along. He sucked, literally.

    — Cadyj1392

    8. Nick and Jess, New Girl

    Fox Broadcasting Company

    I always hated them together. They just didn't make sense and were super annoying as a couple. After they broke up the first time I was so pleased, but then a couple of seasons later they got back together and so I just stopped watching the show.


    They made me unreasonably angry. I liked them both separately but hated them together.


    9. Jackie and Fez, The '70s Show

    Fox Broadcasting Company

    They decided to end Jackie's relationship with Hyde and throw her together with Fez out of nowhere. There was never any real chemistry between the two of them. Jackie should have ended up with Hyde and everyone knows it!


    10. Tom and Ann, Parks and Recreation


    It SHOULD NEVER HAVE HAPPENED. Ann was obviously looking for a distraction and he wanted her so badly that she took advantage of him. I was scared for a while that they would end up together, but thank god they broke up and she got with her real soulmate, Chris!

    — mollym495bd7d1e

    11. Katniss and Peeta, The Hunger Games


    Peeta was just too whiney and didn't really understand Katniss's background. I felt that Gale — while he was a giant asshole in the second and third book — understood her more.


    12. Allie and Noah, The Notebook

    New Line Cinema

    He was obsessive, she was violent and ruined people's lives by sleeping with him for years after they broke up. She was spoiled and treated him like a toy, and I'm sorry, but if an ex builds you a house it's not romantic — it's scary. My desire to live died with them in that hospital bed.


    13. Josh and Donna, The West Wing

    Warner Bros

    They had such a wonderful friendship, almost as if they were siblings, but each of them had serious personality differences that would never work out. Not to mention the fact that he was her BOSS. At the White House. That would not and should not have happened. Period.


    14. Jackson and Maggie, Grey's Anatomy


    They have no chemistry, almost never actually communicate about their relationship, and are step-siblings. Jackson's mom married Maggie's biological dad. AND THEY ALL WORK TOGETHER. IN ONE HOSPITAL.

    — lexiemasangkay

    15. Jane and Rafael, Jane the Virgin

    The CW

    I could go on and on about this one. He never understood any of her struggles or tried to see things her way. He lied to her constantly and berated her when she unknowingly did something that pissed him off. They’re good as friends but wouldn’t last as a couple.


    16. Veronica and Piz, Veronica Mars

    The CW

    They didn’t fit together. He was super in love with her for the entire season but she didn’t feel for him in the same way. Then, suddenly, when he kissed her out of nowhere she decided she liked him? And gave up on her truly loving relationship with Logan?


    17. Monica and Chandler, Friends

    Warner Bros

    Before they got together, Monica was the coolest of all the friends. She was the most responsible, badass, interesting person in the group. She always had her quirks, but they were realistic and only made her more relatable. Chandler was also a funny and sweet guy. But once they got together, her quirks became obsessions, her voice became louder and she dominated him in everything he said, thought or did. Meanwhile, Chandler just became an empty character.

    — Jade Van Overmeir, Facebook

    18. Bella and Edward, Twilight

    Summit Entertainment

    I wrote a paper about the psychology of abusive relationships when I was in university, and found that there is a distinct pattern every time. Bella and Edward's relationship fit that pattern. Edward was possessive and jealous, and Bella let herself be treated like a possession because she felt she was unworthy of love.


    19. Mindy and Danny, The Mindy Project


    He’s downright mean and the sexism is over the top. Granted, he’s an Italian from Staten Island, but if Mindy is such a ground breaking powerful female, why did they have to make him such a basic "Woman, make me a sandwich," Jersey Shore bro? His insecurity over her success was just gross, and sends the wrong message. It’s not OK for men to act like that!


    20. Sky and Sophie, Mamma Mia!

    Universal Pictures

    Sky SAID his objection to the wedding was the huge expense, but by the day of the event everything would have been paid for. However, when Sophie suggested calling it off at the altar, his relief was palpable. Obviously, his reason for not wanting to marry her wasn't the money after all. Frankly, I was shocked that the writers seemed to think he would still be around at all by the second movie.


    21. Ron and Hermione, Harry Potter

    Warner Bros

    I absolutely LOVE Harry Potter but Romione was so wrong on so many levels. They had no chemistry, their personalities were way too conflicting and their marriage would've ended in divorce. They argued constantly as friends, so what makes their romantic relationship any different? I always found Hermione and Harry a much better fit.


    22. Rachel and Ross, Friends

    Warner Bros

    They weren't healthy. The on again/off again dynamic was tiring and Ross's constant petty, immature jealousy and lack of trust in Rachel's decisions was aggravating as hell. By the end, I think many people just didn't care anymore.


    I will never get over them. He was an awful, whiny, obnoxious, jealous, controlling, lying toxic knob and she should have stayed on the plane and followed her Louis Vuitton dreams.

    Taryn Schroeder

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