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    This Newsreader's Attempt At Pronouncing "Tulisa Contostavlos" Is Just So Hilariously Awkward

    "Let's just stick to Tulisa, shall we?" The former X Factor judge and pop singer's name isn't THAT difficult.

    This is Tulisa Contostavlos. Con-To-Stav-Los. Not particularly hard to say.

    Stuart C. Wilson / Getty

    Well, apparently it is quite hard to say, as this BBC newsreader found out earlier today. When it came to pronouncing Tulisa's surname, she stuttered through several attempts before deciding to "just stick to Tulisa".


    So, everyone, this is the newly renamed Tulisa Consta Constav Contostav Let's Just Call Her Tulisa.

    And while we're at it, here's a reminder of John Travolta attempting to say "Idina Menzel".


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