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    14 Truly Mind-Blowing Theories About Taylor Swift's New Album

    Nothing is coincidental when it comes to Taylor Swift.

    Ever since Taylor Swift announced the name and release date of her album, Swifties everywhere have picked up their magnifying glasses, put on their detective hats, and got to analysing each small detail of information as it's become available.

    So, here are all the theories about Reputation we have so far.


    1. Exactly one year ago, long before we'd even conceived of Reputation, people were speculating that Taylor was collaborating with Kesha, after the latter shared this selfie on Instagram.

    Not only did Kesha appear to be wearing Taylor's headphones...

    But she also captioned the selfie with a reference to a "Grammy award-winning artist," and used 13 emojis.

    @iiswhoiis / Instagram / Via

    In case you were unaware, 13 is Taylor's lucky number to the point of obsession.

    And this theory intensified when Kesha showed off a new tattoo last week – the words "Live Free" inked across her knuckles in a font that looks more than a little similar to the one used on the Reputation album cover.

    @taylorswift / Instagram / Via

    So now people are suggesting that Taylor and Kesha collaborated on a track called "Live Free" which will be included on the album.

    2. A bunch of theories were established after the release of the "Look What You Made Me Do" video. But it was this scene from the end of the video – in which 15 Taylors from different phases of her career stand in a line – that drew the most attention.

    Big Machine Records

    People were quick to notice that Reputation has 15 tracks, matching the number of Taylors in the lineup.


    And so speculation began that each Taylor in the lineup represented a track on the album, which then corresponded to that specific phase in her career.

    This theory was bolstered by the fact that the sixth track on the album is "Look What You Made Me Do," and the sixth Taylor in the lineup appeared to amalgamate Kim Kardashian and Katy Perry.

    Big Machine Records

    The song is all about being ~snakey~ and ~shady~ and ~keeping receipts~, all of which became synonymous with Taylor after her fallouts with Kanye West, Kim Kardashian and Katy Perry last year.

    And it gained more credence by the presence of the 15th Taylor, who doesn't appear to be from a previous era.

    Big Machine Records

    She appears only briefly to spray paint the word "Reputation" on the side of a plane, and then stands on top of it in the background as the final scene of the video unfolds.

    People theorised that this was the Real Taylor, suggesting that she represented the 15th and final song on the album, written from her perspective and perhaps addressing her ~real reputation.~

    After all, it's also been noted that all the past Taylors take a "final bow" in the scene, while the 15th does not. This could signal that Taylor's retiring her past characters and finally embracing her true self.

    And this also follows Taylor's tradition of ending albums with songs about ~new beginnings~.

    @taylorswift / Instagram / Via Instagram: @taylorswift

    Fearless, Speak Now, Red, and 1989 all ended with songs representing starting afresh and moving on after a breakup.

    3. And this theory came close to being set in stone with the emergence of ANOTHER THEORY suggesting that Taylor will release track four next.

    Because, according to the theory of each different Taylor representing an era and a song, the fourth track represents the Red era.

    Big Machine Records

    4. And this supports a sub-theory that one of the tracks on Reputation will be the full version of "All Too Well" from the Red album.


    It all began with a leaked (and unverified) tracklisting of Reputation, which indicated that track four was almost nine minutes long.


    Now, hardcore fans will know that at the time "All Too Well" was released, Taylor revealed that the original version was around 10 minutes long, but that she'd cut it down to fit the conventions of song length. Fans have been begging her to release the full version ever since.

    And given that Red-era Taylor appears to correspond with the long song on the tracklist, people think there really is a chance that we're about to get the full version.

    However, things were thrown into a tailspin when "...Ready For It" was released, because the corresponding Taylor for this track is Biker Taylor – and no one could make sense of it.

    Big Machine Records

    5. And then the penny dropped. Perhaps we'd all been reading the lineup wrong, and that rather than going from left to right, it actually went right to left.

    Big Machine Records

    Because in this case, the first Taylor in the lineup, and the one corresponding with "...Ready For It," would be this one.

    Big Machine Records

    You know, the one who's dressed in an orange boilersuit and trapped in a cage surrounded by guards, evoking criminality and jail – themes which are present in the lyrics of "...Ready For It."

    Big Machine Records

    Some sample lyrics for you:

    "But if he's a ghost, then I can be a phantom / Holdin' him for ransom."

    "Me, I was a robber first time that he saw me / Stealing hearts and running off and never saying sorry / But if I'm a thief, then he can join the heist / And we'll move to an island-and / And he can be my jailer, Burton to this Taylor"

    6. But once we had two tracks to analyse, people began noticing the intensity of the lyrics and started to wonder whether perhaps they're satirical – and that the whole album will be as well, with each track addressing a different part of her incorrect public reputation.

    So, if "Look What You Made Me Do" addressed the ~sneaky, shady, snakey~ Taylor who's all about karma and revenge and "keeping receipts," then perhaps "...Ready For It" is a comment on her man-eating, serial-dating reputation.

    This theory was supported by the fact that the lyrics of "...Ready For It" are very similar in theme to "Blank Space."

    AZLyrics / Via

    "Blank Space" was, of course, written in rebuttal to the reputation Taylor garnered as a "serial-dater" and "man-eater," that she claims was constructed by the media.

    And in "...Ready For It," the lyrics are just as intense:

    "I see nothing better, I keep him forever / Like a vendetta."

    "Stealing hearts and running off and never saying sorry."

    "Every lover known in comparison is a failure / I forget their names now."

    What's more, reading the lineup from right to left reveals something very interesting: The fourth Taylor is the zombified version wearing the dress from "Out of the Woods."

    Remember how "Out of the Woods" was the fourth track on 1989 and the third release? Well, it'd make a lot of sense if the third release and track four on Reputation referred to the "Out of the Woods" era.

    7. However, others have a theory that the exceptionally long track on the album isn't actually a song at all, but the full phonecall between Taylor and Kanye West about "Famous."

    If you need reminding of Famous-gate, you can catch up here.

    Many fans have claimed that Kim Kardashian "edited" the call – something Taylor alluded to in the "LWYMMD" video.

    Big Machine Records

    I mean, it's possible. We know that the clips Kim shared on Snapchat amounted to three and a half minutes of conversation. Perhaps there's another four and a half missing?

    T Mobile

    However, this doesn't account for the fact that Kanye alleged that their phonecall lasted for "one hour," nor how Taylor would have obtained the tapes.

    Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images

    8. Taylor has always followed the tradition of including liner notes in her albums, which contain "hidden messages" about the songs and their subjects.

    @taylorswift / Instagram / Via Instagram: @taylorswift

    However, after Taylor stated on Instagram, "There will be no further explanation, there will just be Reputation," people are now wondering whether this means she'll let the songs speak for themselves, without any liner notes.


    Instead, some think that the tracklist itself will flow to form some kind of message or story.

    9. People have also noticed that Taylor's Instagram page has changed in colour theme with each set of three images that have been uploaded over recent weeks.

    @taylorswift / Instagram / Via Instagram: @taylorswift

    So they're wondering whether each song will have a corresponding colour.

    Which, again, supports the theory of the lineup running right to left, with "...Ready For It" Taylor corresponding with the orange on her Instagram page.

    Big Machine Records

    10. It's been claimed that another two tracks will be released before the album drops, with the first arriving on November 3rd.

    NEWS: The second radio single off 'reputation' is set for release on November 3rd.

    And we all know what happens when you add the numbers ten and three.

    On November 10th you are only getting 11 new tracks. 4 of the tracks off 'reputation' will have already been released.

    11. And there are already a bunch of theories about its title. This stemmed from the fact that Taylor included the words "...Ready for It?" in the caption of the Instagram post which announced the name of "Look What You Made Me Do."

    @taylorswift / Instagram / Via

    And then in the caption announcing the release of "...Ready For It," she included the words "A Second Glance."

    @taylorswift / Instagram / Via

    Which led to a foregone conclusion that this would be the title of the next single.

    I wonder if Taylor Swifts 3rd song will be called "A Second Glance"!? @taylorswift13

    12. But then we were thrown a curve ball in the form of an AT&T advert released last week.


    In the final seconds of the advert, Taylor grabs her guitar, counts to three and takes a breath before a voiceover says: "Now here's a new we're out of time." The screen then cuts to black.


    So of course everyone is now wondering whether the next single will be called "Out of Time."

    @TSwiftPR @taylorswift13 Is it like the last single where the song title was *right* there in front of us? Is the n…

    13. This is especially interesting considering that one of the oldest theories surrounding the album was that it would have something to do with time.

    One thing we know, Taylor Swift's new single/album has something to do with "TIME".

    The theory began after Scott Borchetta, president and CEO of Taylor's record label, tweeted this.

    And then Taylor used the caption: "On repeat til the end of time" for an Instagram post about Haim.

    @taylorswift / Instagram / Via Instagram: @taylorswift

    And then Populove tweeted this – a "prop from Taylor's video" which just so happened to be parts of a clock.

    @populove / Instagram / Via Twitter: @populove

    14. There was another part of the AT&T ad that got people theorising too – the fact that there was a series of guitars randomly placed in every scene, which seemed to correspond to a different era of Taylor's career.

    But right at the end, Taylor picked up a brand new guitar.

    Big Machine Records

    Which led fans to speculate that we will be getting an acoustic track on Reputation – something some of them were worrying wouldn't happen after the drastic shift in musical direction Taylor's displayed so far.

    Roll on November 10th when we'll get all the answers.


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