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Tom Hiddleston's Latest Comments About Taylor Are Confusing AF

TL;DR: He said "um" a lot.

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Since they got together in June, Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift have had everybody talking.


They, however, have kept pretty quiet on the subject of their romance. Taylor is yet to speak publicly about the relationship, and Tom's answers to questions last month were stilted to say the least.

And let's not forget the awkward "Taylor Swift and I are together" confirmation.
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And let's not forget the awkward "Taylor Swift and I are together" confirmation.

But Tom has now been questioned about Taylor again – and it's clear it's not a subject he's fond of talking about.

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During a Facebook Live interview, Tom was unexpectedly put on the spot with this question from a fan: "You've had a high profile summer, personally. What have you learned about being a celebrity as a result?"

He seemed pretty taken aback by the question.

He began by noting that everybody has a camera phone these days.

Before saying that being famous isn't anything new for him.

When it came to answering what he'd learned from the experience, however, he paused.

For an uncomfortable amount of time.


And suggested maybe it was too early on in their relationship to know.

Just when we thought the interviewer might jump in and ask another question...he didn't. And Tom continued thinking.

Cue a few more "ums".

Before he reached this conclusion.



We're still none the wiser, but maybe Hiddleswift are now hoping to keep an air of mystery about their relationship.