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22 Times Tina Fey And Amy Poehler Shut Down Sexism In The Best Damn Way

They're the only feminism goals you need.

1. When they shut down every reporter who's ever asked what they fight about.

2. And when another of the guests on the show mentioned how dull it is being asked what it's "like to be a woman in comedy," Tina straight-up died of boredom.

3. When Tina wrote this line in 30 Rock and it was so depressingly accurate.

4. As well as this one.

5. When a 29-year-old fan asked if she should be concerned about being single and Tina delivered this succinct answer.

6. When they used presenting an award to George Clooney as an opportunity to make this perfect feminist quip about his wife, Amal.

7. When they decided to reclaim the word "bitch" because, let's face it, there's nothing more powerful than a badass bitch.

8. When Tina Fey said this and we were are all collectively like 🙏 🙏 🙏

9. When Amy reminded this reporter to check his damn privilege.

10. When they perfectly nailed the lack of female representation in politics, as well as reversing that dull AF question about ~women in comedy~.

11. When Amy reminded us to be kinder to ourselves.

12. And when Tina reminded everyone that nude photo leaks are never 👏 the 👏 fault 👏 of 👏 the 👏 victims.

13. When Amy wrote this perfect line for Parks and Recreation.

14. And when Tina wrote this line 10 years ago for Mean Girls that is still relevant today, as society continues to slut-shame. 😔

15. When they pointed out how ridiculous the expectations placed on women really is.

16. As well as flawlessly highlighting the rampant ageism in Hollywood.

17. When they made sure no one forgot that Anne Hathaway won an Oscar.

18. And gave Hilary Clinton the credit she deserved.

19. As well as making Leonardo DiCaprio the butt of the joke for a change.

20. When they congratulated Matthew McConaughey on his valiant weight loss.

21. And when Amy went on TV and called out literally everyone for their lack of respect for women in sport.

22. And, finally, when they wondered why the hell they were being asked what was "in their purses" during a red-carpet interview, when they have actual functioning brains in their heads.