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Updated on Sep 1, 2020. Posted on Apr 1, 2016

36 Times The Kardashians Shut Each Other The Fuck Down

Their insults to one another are the best part of KUWTK.

1. When Scott shut down the entire family.

2. When Khloé delivered a perfect one-liner.

3. And when she shut down Kris's career planning.


4. When Scott made this quip about Kim and Kris Humphries.

5. And Kourtney's take on the marriage was just as good.

6. But it was Kris who came up with the most iconic comment.

7. When Khloé just wouldn't let those paternity rumours rest.

8. In fact, her comments about her "real family" get better each time.

9. When Kim announced her Vogue cover, and her family took the opportunity to remind themselves of her previous work.

10. And Kourtney mentioned her own career.

11. When Scott delivered this burn.

12. When Khloé managed to take the piss out of both Kim and her BFF in one fell swoop.

13. When Scott was quick to make this point.

14. When Khloé answered the phone like this.

15. And Kourtney hung up the phone like this.

16. When Khloé just had to cross the line.

17. When Scott made this observation about Caitlyn.

18. And when he had no time for hearing Kim's marriage advice.

19. When Kim was bragging about her perfume deal...


And Kourtney was not there for it.


20. And when she brought Kim right back down to earth this time as well.

21. When Khloé was the only one to make this point.


22. As well as this one, when Kim was diagnosed with psoriasis.


Which wasn't appreciated.


23. When Khloé and Scott just couldn't even with this suggestion.

24. When no one was really on board with Kris's talk show.

25. When Khloé had no time for Kris romanticising her past.


26. And when she stuck up for Kylie by shutting Kris the fuck down.

27. When Scott was honest about his feelings towards Kourtney's interior decorating skills.

28. When Kourtney wanted to remind everyone of her effortless perfection.

29. When Khloe answered the phone to Rob like this.

30. When Scott managed to turn Kourtney's insult around on her.

31. When Kim lost her $75,000 diamond earring in the ocean...

And Kourtney couldn't cope.

32. When Scott couldn't resist the opportunity for this joke.


33. When Kourtney decided against massaging Scott's ego.


34. When Scott had this response to Kris telling everyone they needed to support Kim during her pregnancy.

35. When Scott shut Kourtney down before she had a chance to do the same to him.

36. And, finally, when Kris shut down every single hater.


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