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    9 Times The Kardashians Have Been Accused Of "Cultural Appropriation"

    Kylie Jenner caused controversy with her new cornrows over the weekend, but that's not the only time the family has been criticised for cultural insensitivity.

    1. Sunday afternoon, Kylie Jenner shared this photo on Instagram, in which she can be seen with her hair braided into cornrows.

    When someone commented on Kylie's photo using the hashtag #WhiteGirlsDoItBetter, it wasn't long before The Hunger Games actor Amandla Stenberg responded and called Kylie out for cultural appropriation.

    Kylie has not removed the image, but did respond to Amandla's comment.

    However, it's not the first time a Kardashian/Jenner has been called out for cultural appropriation.

    2. Just six weeks ago Khloé Kardashian caused controversy by posting this photo, showing her wearing a Niqab during a trip to Dubai.

    Numerous commenters on Instagram were quick to suggest Khloé saw the niqab as a costume rather than a culture.

    And when the image was posted to Twitter, criticism was voiced there, too.

    Are you really that much of a clueless fool?Yo appropriative ass is disgusting. RT“@khloekardashian: Habibi Love”

    @platinumhalsey no, you don't have to wear it in the UAE. The only country that requires wearing abbaya and headscarf is Saudi Arabia

    @platinumhalsey and like the general idea of it is just extremely rude- to me, as a muslim. My mum gets told the most insensitive racial-

    @platinumhalsey slurs just for wearing a headscarf and then Khloe comes out of nowhere and she gets thousands upon thousands of likes

    Other commenters, however, said the image wasn't offensive and defended Khloé.

    3. It wasn't the first time Khloé had been criticised. Last summer, Kylie Jenner shared this image showing Khloe wearing a traditional Native-American headdress.

    People were quick to criticise Khloé's choice of costume, with some commenters simply leaving the words "Cultural appropriation" underneath the image.

    And when Khloé herself posted another image in the same headdress, the comments kept coming.

    4. One commenter referred to the fact that Khloé had worn the headdress during an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians and was criticised then as well.

    Khloé didn't respond directly to the comments, but she did thank one follower who suggested she learn more about the culture.

    @lmvotino thanku 4being 1of the ONLY people who care enough 2educate rather than threaten/attack. Ur culter is beautiful &I would love2learn

    And other fans left comments saying that they weren't offended by the headdress.

    5. Then there was this meme, shared by both Scott Disick and Khloé Kardashian on Instagram.

    Both Khloé and Scott were criticised on Twitter and Instagram.

    Dear @khloekardashian: Having a few black friends DOES NOT make it okay for YOU to joke about the severity of the KKK. It's ignorant&racist.

    @khloekardashian nothings funny about killing Black people. This post is distasteful and racist.

    khloe's brother in law is black, her ex is black, her niece is partially black, her current bf is middle eastern yet she jokes about kkk?

    However, there were plenty of comments supporting the image and deeming it amusing.

    Khloé removed the image from her Instagram account, but it is still active on Scott's.

    6. Kylie Jenner also caused a stir in April 2015 when she shared this image from a photo shoot.

    A second image was posted by her hair stylist Chris Dylan, and the star quickly began trending on Twitter, where people were accusing her of wearing blackface.

    People act like we're mad at Kylie Jenner for her looks which isn't even the problem, the problem is her cultural appropriation & blackface.

    how is kylie jenner dumb enough to do blackface, post it on IG, with the caption "what i wish i looked like all the time" i need sit down

    regardless of whether you see the kylie Jenner picture as blackface or cultural appropriation or not, it can be perceived as that

    When she shared a second image with the caption: "Wish I looked like this all the time," the criticism became more severe.

    However, some commenters defended Kylie, saying her darkened skin didn't amount to blackface.

    people need to relax. Kylie Jenner was definitely not trying to look black in her photo shoot lmao she looks other-worldly.. chill out

    Kylie look like an alien in those pics and y'all are calling it blackface. Smh y'all just want shit to be mad about

    Kylie Jenner wanna be Gold Dust soooo bad.. okay, I'm done. Leave that damn girl alone. She's channeling alien, not Black.

    Kylie did not respond to the comments, but did remove one of the images from her Instagram account.

    7. For Halloween in 2014, Khloé posted this image of her with Scott Disick and his friend Chris Reda dressed in traditional Arabian clothing, alongside the caption: "Sheik Pussy".

    The image caused such a storm on Instagram, that it was addressed during an episode of the latest season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

    In the episode, Khloé was seen debating the caption of the photo before posting it to Instagram, with Scott saying: "There's going to be some disturbing comments on that picture."

    Within minutes of the picture being posted, angry comments came flooding in.

    After the incident, Khloé asked two Muslim employees from the Kardashians' clothing store whether they'd found the post offensive.

    After speaking to the employees, Khloé then publicly apologised for causing offense.

    8. Scott Disick also posted an image of himself in the Arabian clothing, alongside the caption: "We getting Arab money tonight."

    While the criticism aimed at Scott was less severe than that leveled at Khloé, commenters still labeled the image inappropriate.

    9. And, finally, this image of Kim Kardashian for Paper magazine has also been labelled culturally problematic.

    When the photographer's back catalogue of work was examined, people were quick to point out the comparisons between the cover shoot with Kim and this image he took in 1982, for his book Jungle Fever.

    Jean-Paul Goude genskaber sin 'Champagne Incident' med hende der Kim -

    One think piece on the subject reads:

    "This photo is from a book called Jungle Fever. Yes, you read that correctly. Kim is essentially re-enacting a photo that actively and decisively acknowledges the white pastime of fetishizing the black female body. It's overt...the sexuality [Kim's} claimed in the photos has nothing to do with her own autonomy and everything to do with a deeply institutionalized, culturally white fetishization of the "freakish" black body. And yes, I am aware that Kim is not black (and, in fact, never considered race at all until giving birth to a black baby) but our fascination and so-called "celebration" of big asses definitely is tied to our cultural view of black women's bodies."

    The piece concludes by saying that the photo shoot was "reductive":

    When you put it all together this way, the evidence is incriminating Jean-Paul Goude is a photographer who doesn't respect the humanity and autonomy of black women. Blackness is his fantasy, and he treats it as such in his body of work. The reincarnation of Kim as his original Jungle Fever subject isn't envelope pushing, it's reductive.

    Kim has never commented on the racial connotations of the photo shoot.