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    23 Times Taylor Swift Was So Adorably Awkward You Wished She Was Your BFF

    She makes the moves up as she goes.

    1. When she got totally confused trying to work the panorama function on her phone.

    2. When she danced like this and Jason Derulo tried to act unimpressed.

    (We all know he was impressed really.)

    3. When she didn't quite pull off tutting.

    4. When she danced like this and literally DGAF.

    5. When she pulled this face.

    6. And this one.

    7. When she performed her own interpretation of Swan Lake.

    BuzzFeed / Via

    8. Complete with bunny hops.

    9. When she and her friend were the only ones who got down to Kendrick Lamar.

    10. It was just too good.

    11. When she thought for a moment she'd won a Grammy but actually hadn't. Totally styled that one out.

    12. When she did this to her phone.

    13. When she acted like a total rebel.

    14. When she missed the "smiling in this selfie" memo.

    15. When she reacted to Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez kissing and it was the best moment ever.

    16. When she got her groove on before taking to the stage and the guy holding her mic just patiently watched.

    17. When she got more excited about Lorde winning a VMA than Lorde herself.

    18. This. :(

    19. When she pulled this mesmerising move out of the bag.

    20. When she got hit on the head by a basketball and looked exactly as we would if we'd just been hit on the head by a basketball.

    21. When she did a bit of freestyling.

    22. When she was left baffled by twerking.

    23. And finally, when she was literally dancing on her own and could not have been happier about it.

    <3 you Taylor.

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