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34 Times Celebrity Men Gave Us Intense DILF Goals

Total babes with their babies.

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1. When Chris Pratt told this ridiculously cute story about his son, who's confused by his dad's job.

2. And then Anna Faris shared this photo of them napping together and melted our actual hearts.

3. When Chris Hemsworth stretched out after surfing and his daughter copied him.

4. And then this moment of pure perfection happened. ❤️

5. When Idris Elba personified DILF goals while holding his insanely cute baby.

6. When Ryan Reynolds shared this photo of his daughter clutching his thumb. 😭

7. And then looked like the proudest dad alive, carrying baby James in her sling.

8. And when he said he's so besotted with his daughter that he doesn't even care about sleep deprivation.

9. When Josh Duhamel took this perfect selfie with newborn baby Axl.

10. And when Axl was a bit older, they dressed in the same sports strip.

11. When Hayden Christensen blew bubbles while baby Briar Rose looked on.

12. When Chris Hemsworth's daughter came to see him on his film set.

13. And when Nick Lachey and his kids had the best day hanging out at the beach.

14. When Justin Timberlake was obsessed with becoming a dad before his son was even born.

15. And when, after Silas did arrive, he dressed him in this adorable babygro.

16. When Ryan Reynolds couldn't contain how much he loves his baby girl.

17. When Channing Tatum literally couldn't take his eyes off his newborn daughter.

18. And then said this, which made it clear his daughter is his absolute life.

The Ellen Show / Via
The Ellen Show / Via
The Ellen Show / Via
The Ellen Show / Via
The Ellen Show / Via

19. When Michael Bublé wore this T-shirt, in the ultimate display of DILF AND relationship goals.

Relationship AND dad goals right there.

20. When Eric Johnson and Ace had this cute father/son moment.

21. And when he gave both his kids cuddles after their bath.

22. When David Beckham proved that he's such a good dad, his teenage boys don't even mind him being soppy on Instagram.

23. And it's just the cutest thing.

24. Then there was the time he attended Harper's birthday tea party and you just couldn't even.

25. And when he proved he'd do anything for her – including wearing a homemade friendship bracelet. ❤️

26. And letting her do his hair.

27. When Kanye West took time out of tour rehearsals to read North a story.

28. And when he couldn't resist giving sleepy North a kiss.

29. And when this perfect observation was made.

30. And when Tom Fletcher and Buzz performed the cutest duet of "Easy", aka "Easy Like Sunday Morning".

31. And when Tom introduced Buzz to dandelions for the first time and Buzz thought it was the funniest thing ever.

RIP ovaries.

32. When Peter Andre and Princess pulled the exact same expression and it was everything.

33. When David and Harper Beckham had this moment of pure joy.

RIP all of us.

34. And, finally, when Ashton Kutcher perfectly put into words how having a child affected him.