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15 Times Little Mix Gave Absolutely No Fucks

They're the definition of girl power.

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In fact, they've proved that they literally have zero time for any bullshit whatsoever. Whether it's sexism, body-shaming, outfit-shaming or inappropriate interview questions, the girls can always be relied upon to shut it all down. Here are their best moments.


2. When Jade shared this photo of RuPaul, alongside the caption: #goals. #WCW #ButchQueen."

Jade had the perfect response.

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She continued: "It's comfortable to dance in and we're doing an hour and a half set, we're not going to come on to the stage in a tracksuit - it's just not practical."

5. And then at their next performance, Jesy wore this.

6. But people still didn't lay off, and so Jade pointed out that the criticism of them was simply an example of double-standards.

Jade told This Morning:

It's double standards. You always see lads with their tops off and everyone congratulates them, but we get a bit of thigh out and it's a bit of an issue.

8. When Perrie shared this fire photo of herself.

10. When Jesy asked to be cropped out of this photo because she didn't like how she looked, and people immediately began suggesting that the girls had fallen out.

So they shut all that nonsense speculation down by posting a Snapchat, filmed by Perrie and starring Jesy.


In it, Jesy shouted: "So we just want to address the situation of the friendship between me and Perrie. Do you think I'd be lying alone in her bed if I wasn't friends with her?!"


Jade told Q Music:

We're actually friends with Emmalyn from G.R.L and she loves the song. I think every song is going to have a similar chord sequence, slightly similar lyrics and melodies, it happens all the time. But it doesn't mean that they're not both incredible songs.

13. And then Jade pointed out that there was definitely an element of sexism at play.

Q Music

She said: "I think maybe because it was a girlband as well, people just like having something negative to say."


Jesy told Yahoo:

We like to eat food and so does everybody else. If we put on weight, we put on weight. And if we lose weight, we lose weight. Everybody has this preconception that you're supposed to be perfect looking, but nobody is perfect.