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25 Times Lauren Conrad Taught Us All We Need To Know About Life

It is what it is. It isn't always fair.

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1. Lauren Conrad, star of The Hills and actual oracle.

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2. She taught us so much about life.

3. For example, that honesty is always the best policy.

4. And that sometimes life just isn't fair.

5. And this, although it thoroughly sucks, is true.

6. She taught us that you will always need your friends' opinion on men.

7. In fact, having good friends is way more important than being the most popular.

8. But there will be some friends that you just have to let go.

9. Because sometimes people's failure to be your friend is worse than them actively screwing you over.

10. So you have to forgive and forget.

11. But it's affairs of the heart where Lauren really comes into her own.

12. She taught us the concept of the "radar."

And all exes have one. Fact.

13. And that sometimes it's easier to go backwards.

14. But it's important to remember that these are the guys who we should leave well alone.

15. And that love is not a "maybe" thing.

16. And when you put complications aside, relationships are pretty simple.

17. But we've all agreed whole-heartedly with this statement at some stage.

18. And she perfectly summed up how shitty breakups are.

19. Like, really shitty.

20. And you should bear this in mind at all times.

21. But you will reach a stage when you're just totally OVER talking and thinking about it.

22. And once you've realised love isn't that stupid, this will probably happen.

23. So you should always use your head and your heart.

24. And when you do meet someone like this – friend, boyfriend, whatever – FFS HOLD ON TO THEM.

25. Because...

<3 you Lauren.