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    Sep 22, 2015

    24 Times Jess From "New Girl" Was 100% Actually You

    "I feel like I want to murder someone. And also I want soft pretzels."

    1. When she voiced this undeniable truth.

    2. When she straight-up admitted she has no idea what she's doing in life and you were like, word.

    3. When she had this perfect response to her GODDAMN HAIR JUST NOT GOING RIGHT.

    There is literally nothing more annoying.

    4. When she was each and every one of us at the end of a long, crappy day.

    5. When she had the perfect reaction to this blasphemous statement.

    6. When she summed up the eternal struggle of anyone who's experienced PMS.

    7. And perfectly described how much period pains SUCK.

    8. When she got completely shitfaced and had this conversation.

    We've all been there.

    9. When she was having one of those miserable, over-thinking-everything kind of days.


    The ones that are only made better by your duvet, chocolate, and probably wine.

    10. And when she had this stark realisation.

    FOX / Via

    You're not, it's going to be fine.

    11. When she knew the only answer was solitude, Taylor Swift, and wine.

    12. When she agreed with the statement "Home is where the bra isn't" as much as you do.

    FOX / Via

    13. When she made it clear that anyone who questions your pyjamas probably has no place in your life.

    14. When she was all ~empowered~ and didn't care who knew it.

    FOX / Via

    *Z snaps*

    15. When she was going through a break-up and this reaction was just way too real.

    16. And summed up just how much of an emotional rollercoaster break-ups are.

    17. And of course reached this inevitable phase.

    18. When she really wasn't into overt PDAs.

    Even when you're in a relationship you do kind of still think this. It's a fact of life.

    19. But just couldn't get that one guy out of her mind.

    20. When she got completely overwhelmed by the prospect of small talk.


    Small talk is the worst, ban it all.

    21. When her childhood crush and cause of sexual awakening were as awkward as yours.


    22. But, she wasn't ashamed about it.


    23. Because she'd reached the point where she just didn't care about unleashing her true self.

    24. And, finally, when she had the best shutdown for anyone who ever asks where your life is going.


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