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This Could Be Why People Didn't Believe Hiddleswift Was ~For Real~

This could be why no one quite knows what to make of this breakup.

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The internet, naturally, went into meltdown with people expressing all manner of thoughts.

Tom Hiddleston must have been so crushed when he got the breakup text from Taylor Swift's publicist.

If Taylor and Tom can't make it work, no, that's fine


So let's look back at the most confusing aspects of it, as we mourn the loss of Hiddleswift.

1. The paparazzi photos

The Image Direct

The pair were photographed everywhere they went at the start of their relationship – even in the most private of locations. And the intriguing part was the fact that the first ever photos of them taken at Rhode Island as well as the images of them in the UK, the photos of them in Rome, and the photos after Selena Gomez’s concert in Nashville, all came from the same picture agency - The Image Direct.

This agency seemed to get all the most intimate, candid shots of Taylor and Tom in private locations. For example, the images of them in Rhode Island were taken on Taylor's private property – and became only the second time she's been papped there in the four years she's owned a home in the area.

This article even went as far to speculate that the agency were in a “deal” with the pair.

2. The relationship moved at lightning speed

BuzzFeed / FameFlynet

They both visited their childhood homes together within days, and Taylor had met Tom's mum just 14 days after they began dating.

Within three weeks they’d been photographed together no less than 24 times.

In their three short months together, when most couples haven’t even spoken about taking a holiday together, they managed to spend time in LA, New York, Nashville, Rhode Island, the UK, Australia, and Italy.

Obviously, this is purely speculative, but it certainly got people talking and suggesting the photos were ~set up~.

Those Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston photos look so set up 😂


The real loser in all of this is Tom Hiddleston, who has set up five days of fauxmance photos with Taylor Swift, and no one gives a SHIT

What’s more, this agency have also got the first photos of Taylor as a single woman, emerging from the gym, which were published today. 👀

3. The "I ❤️ T.S." T-shirt

Goff Photos / Via Goff Photos

Just under a month after they went public, Tom Hiddleston attended Taylor Swift’s annual 4th July party wearing a T-shirt stating his love for her. Pretty intense, no?

Naturally, the internet went into total meltdown. Some ridiculed him, some suggested his acting career was over, others straight-up dismissed the relationship's entire credibility. Some have even said he lost out on the James Bond role as a result. Yikes.

4. Tom's awkward responses to questions about Taylor

Taylor made it through the entire three months without once speaking publicly about her relationship with Tom. He, however, was questioned about her on three occasions, and each time his answers were a bit “WTF?”


A few weeks later Tom was asked whether he and Taylor were “for real,” or whether it was a publicity stunt.

He said:

That notion is — look, the truth is that Taylor Swift and I are together, and we’re very happy. Thanks for asking. That’s the truth. It’s not a publicity stunt.

Obviously people jumped on the "Taylor Swift and I" choice of phrasing.

Taylor is going to straight-up murder him for ruining the whole thing by using her full name.


Taylor's like "okay, better, but not great. Maybe don't use my full name next time"

The final time he was probed, Tom was asked: “You’ve had a high profile summer, personally. What have you learned about being a celebrity as a result?”

The Hollywood Reporter

He said: "Wow. Um. You know. It’s interesting. We live in a world where every phone has a camera. There’s nothing new really about the spotlight on me. Um. What have I learned about it? Um. Um, I don’t quite know. Let me give you a proper response. I’ve learned that there are many sides to a story, and that, um, there are a lot of stories out there which are false. And the hardest thing is letting those falsehoods affect your life."


5. They never shared anything about their relationship on social media.

Related to the fact that Taylor managed to avoid talking about Tom, is that she also avoided posting anything about them on social media. This was in direct contrast to her relationship to Calvin Harris, where we were updated with every holiday, anniversary and family get-together. In fact, the only image of the pair that ended up on social media was this now infamous one – posted by Taylor's friend Brittany.

6. They seemed to change strategy after the Kimye drama.


Hiddleswift went from touring the world, PDA-ing to the max and displaying their love for one another literally on their clothing to pretty much disappearing off the face of the earth in the wake of the drama with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

After Kim released the now infamous audio of Taylor appearing to agree to Kanye West’s lyrics in “Famous,” Taylor wasn’t photographed for five days. There appeared to be a new strategy - where stories about Hiddleswift seeped into the media without the pair having to be seen together. It happened multiple times - pictures of Tom getting a takeaway supposedly for the pair emerged, as well as pictures of him boarding her private jet. Some fans suggested these events were ploys to keep Hiddleswift in the public consciousness without overexposing them in the wake of Snapchatgate.


Hiddleswift went on to be photographed together just once after Snapchatgate. This is the last photo of them taken together, at the end of July.


This is in stark contrast to the start of their relationship. This date at the end of July was also the last time they were ever photographed together.

7. The similarities between the statements about her split from Calvin and Tom.

Earlier this week, reports began emerging that Taylor and Tom were in "crisis talks" over their relationship. A source told the Daily Mail exclusively: "Taylor is an independent young woman who doesn't feel like she needs a boyfriend to feel complete."

This was pretty similar to the source quote given exclusively to People after she split from Calvin: "Taylor is an independent young woman and she realises it will take a very strong man to handle her success."

Some fans suggest that the statements have "PR leak written all over them." But, again, that's speculation – we'll likely never know for sure.