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    Updated on Aug 20, 2020. Posted on Mar 5, 2014

    30 Times Gary Barlow Proved He's The Most Perfect Man Ever To Grace The Earth

    Yeh, take that.

    1. This is Gary Barlow and he is the finest specimen of a man you're ever likely to see.

    Ian Gavan / Getty

    No one else even comes close.

    2. One time he got out of a car and it was amazing.

    Andrew Milligan/PA Archive/Press Association Images

    3. Another time he gripped his microphone purposefully but also tenderly and we wished with every fibre of our beings that we were that microphone.

    WPA Pool / Getty

    4. He has this amazing smile and laugh.

    5. See.

    6. And you can tell Mark Owen is looking at him and thinking, 'Gary you beautiful, beautiful man. I love you*'.

    *Or words to that effect.

    7. One time, only three members of Take That turned up to a film premiere, but it totally didn't matter because Gary was there.

    Tim Whitby / Getty

    8. Then there was the time when he wore sunglasses. This was confusing because they covered his beautiful eyes, and yet he still looked like an angel sent from heaven.

    Yui Mok/PA Archive/Press Association Images

    9. Not many people can pull off camel chinos and a pale blue blazer. Gary can.

    Neil Mockford / Getty

    10. There is also literally nothing better than Gary Barlow wearing a suit. See Exhibit A.

    Ben Pruchnie/Stringer / Getty

    11. And Exhibit B.

    Philip Toscano/PA Archive/Press Association Images

    12. And also Exhibit C.

    Yui Mok/PA Archive/Press Association Images


    13. Gary is so perfect, even the Queen has acknowledged it.

    WPA Pool / Getty

    14. And we're not surprised, after the massive party he threw for her which was pretty nice of him.

    Dan Kitwood / Getty

    15. Another time Gary Barlow was perfect was when he wore a white shirt which exposed his tanned arms.

    Stuart C. Wilson / Getty

    16. And then there was this time when he kind of winked and pouted at the same time and it was pretty much the sexiest moment ever.

    17. And then he did this and we wished we could fling ourselves into his arms.

    WPA Pool / Getty

    18. Once, he put a baby in his arms and let her touch his facial hair and it was everything.

    19. While we're on the subject of his facial hair, can we just take a moment to acknowledge how perfect it is? Because while he looked fit before...

    Wally Santana / AP/Press Association Images

    20. He looks even fitter now.

    Gareth Cattermole / Getty

    21. If anything, the man is like a real life Dorian Grey.

    MJ Kim / Getty

    22. He also has this really suave kind of half-smile and every time he does it, we feel like weeping with joy.

    Ian Gavan / Getty

    23. Too much.

    Tony Woolliscroft / Getty

    24. He looks especially perfect when he's singing, which is probably why he chose to do that as a job.

    25. He's also the perfect gentleman, proved by the fact he didn't laugh at Tulisa for wearing this dress.

    Ian Gavan / Getty

    26. And he looks adorable standing slightly nervously with his hands behind his back.

    Gareth Cattermole / Getty

    27. Imagine those hands stroking your face.

    Excuse us while we die.

    28. He wasn't afraid to express his emotions on national TV during his time on The X Factor, whether it was sheer anger...

    29. ...Or tears of admiration.

    30. Because no matter what he was doing or feeling, he was perfect.

    And for that Gary, we salute you and your perfection.

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