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    29 Times Chrissy Teigen, John Legend And Luna Were Family Goals

    My heart can't take it.

    Everyone knows that Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are the world's perfect couple.

    And with the addition of little Luna, they make the most goddamn perfect family. Allow me to run you through the proof.

    1. First of all, this was their first family photo. And it's gorgeous and perfect in every way.

    2. And despite just being a few weeks old, Luna made sure she had her outfit sorted for Mother's Day.

    3. And then they spent the day snuggled up together in blankets.

    4. Of course, she did the same for her dad on Father's Day.

    5. And they had a post-bath cuddle.

    6. There was the time Chrissy and John returned to Lake Como, where they fell in love and got married – but this time, brought Luna with them.

    7. In fact, every family vacation they take looks perfect.

    8. With plenty of quality time.

    9. And truly lovely selfies.

    10. But they're equally as cute back at home too. Like the time they took Luna to her first baseball game together.

    11. Or when Chrissy got her into the kitchen early.

    12. And it paid off, because just look how much Luna loved her first bite of savoury food.

    13. And now their family meal times go down like this.

    14. Chrissy is 100% committed to making Luna laugh every day. Whether it's by dancing.

    15. Or coming up with silly phrases to entertain her.

    16. And she enjoys hanging out with her dad too, watching basketball.

    17. Or brushing up on her piano skills. Because let's face it, she'll be learning from the best.

    18. There was the time John and Luna dropped in on Chrissy at work – and just look how happy she was to see mommy!

    19. And when they had a petting zoo party, and introduced Luna to a bunny for the first time.

    20. And just look how excited they were for Luna's first attempt at an animal word.

    21. There was the time John captured this mother/daughter moment.

    22. As well as this one.

    23. And when they posed for the most perfect Easter portrait of all time.

    24. Of course, their Christmas one was A+ too.

    25. There was the time when John wondered whether Luna recognised him on this magazine cover.

    26. And when she really did recognise him, her reaction was unbelievably cute.

    27. There was the time when John and Luna treated Chrissy to some birthday flowers.

    28. As well as when John and Chrissy made and decorated Luna's first birthday cake together.

    29. But, finally, most perfect of all, was this amazing family photo taken on Luna's birthday. My heart can't take it.

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