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34 Times Celebrity Women Had Goddamn Perfect Advice

"Life is bigger than just Prince Charming."

1. When Emma Stone encouraged us to forget the opinions of others and DO YOU.

2. When Taylor Swift told us that people's negativity shouldn't stop you from being ourselves.

In fact, if anyone puts you down, just be your damn self MORE.

3. When Nicki Minaj told us to remember our worth. Always.

4. When Selena Gomez explained that even our weaker moments can be motivating.

5. And Emma Watson was living proof that other people trying to tear you down can spur you on even harder.

6. While Tina Fey reminded the world that it is not the fault of the victims when it comes to nude photo leaks.

7. When Keira Knightley reassured us that everyone has body insecurities.

8. And Rihanna told us to let them go.

9. Because comparing yourself with other people is pointless, and you're fabulous just the way you are.

10. And then Ariana Grande told us that accepting imperfections is a good thing.

11. Before Anna Kendrick pointed out that most of the images we're comparing ourselves with aren't even real.

12. And Jennifer Lawrence confirmed there's more to life than counting stupid calories.

13. When Taylor Swift reminded everyone that there is more to life than goddamn relationships.

14. And Kristen Bell reminded us that we can be perfectly happy and fulfilled without a ~Prince Charming~.

15. Ariana Grande pointed out that men and women CAN be just friends.

16. But Adele pointed out that, if you do have feelings for someone, don't waste time playing games.

17. When Viola Davis told us that being a woman is your own experience. No one else's.

18. And Lupita Nyong'o refused to be defined by one thing, because hello, we're more complex than that.

19. When Amy Poehler reminded us that it's important to be kind to ourselves as well as other people.

20. And told us to just give ourselves a goddamn break once in a while.

21. When Megan Fox pointed out how much the difference in attitudes towards men and women SUCKS.

22. But Christina Aguilera reminded us that most of the time, people just can't handle assertiveness.

23. And Nicki Minaj told us to speak our damn minds, no matter what the response may be.

24. And Chelsea Handler hammered this point home.

25. When Emma Watson explained that women should stick together.

26. And Amy Adams agreed that there's nothing better than women of all ages, races and walks of life supporting each other.

27. When Taylor Swift reminded us the importance of making our own decisions when it comes to our careers.

28. And Beyoncé said that no one should make decisions for you.

29. Because as women, we should be able to do whatever the hell we choose.

30. And we should never be defined by our age.

31. When Kristen Stewart reminded us that sometimes it's just best to trust our instincts.

32. While Beyoncé encouraged us to own every single damn room we walk into.

33. And Lady Gaga pointed out that not being you is doing yourself a disservice.

34. And, finally, when Emma Watson reminded us that we should never allow other people to dictate who we are or what we want.